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Shortly after adopting Stanley in the fall of 2009, we changed his name to Sammy. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and adapted well to being the younger sibling of our other dogs, Darby (9 yr. old Lab Mix) and Molly (5 yr. old Corgi). It’s amazing how much he has grown and matured over the last several months after being found in a dumpster in Burke County. He’s become house broken, enjoys taking walks on his leash, and has even become confident enough to chase our neighbor’s cats. We think he just wants to play! He is far from the introverted, shy, little puppy we brought home.

When we adopted then 6 month old Sammy, he didn’t have a whole lot of life experience and was obviously very naïve. We still remember how cute he looked with his nose stuck up in the air when he smelled his first bag of popcorn while watching a movie with Mommy and Daddy. We also found out the Sammy loves to ride in the car and will make special trips out with Daddy to Krispy Kreme on Saturday mornings. Initially, Sammy far more enjoyed the company of his sisters (Darby & Molly) before he felt comfortable enough with his new owners Now, he enjoys laying on Mommy’s lap and chest and beside her legs.  In addition, Sammy looks forward to playing fetch with a tennis ball, chewing his “bobo” (rawhide bone), and taking a Sunday snooze with Mommy and Daddy and his sisters.

We also found out Sammy has a unique fascination with watching television and Animal Planet, HGTV, HBO, and Showtime are among his favorite channels. Crate training was a breeze with Sammy and he enjoys being in his kennel during the day while Mommy and Daddy are at work. He also learned pretty quickly to let us know when he needed to go do his business. Most often, he will head to the door when “nature calls” and sit and wait. However, the older dogs have also had a huge impact in his training and he has emulated many of their good habits. Many people even mistake our lab, Darby, for his mother! Sammy is about the perfect size to curl up with Darby and never having a litter of her own, she has taken kindly to him as well.

Lastly, Sammy has been an amazing addition to our family. Michelle and I would like to thank the staff at Old Fella’s for what they do! They are an amazing group of people doing a wonderful service to the community. We would highly recommend working with Old Fella’s and will be working with them for our next pet!!

Luke & Michelle

Augusta, GA



Sammy & his brother Ollie a few days after being captured at the dumpster.