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In the Beginning.   Sam and his two siblings were discovered living at the farm of a kind Burke County couple.    All four dogs, Sam, Sims, Sadie and their mom Patches were transported to Massachusetts where they were quickly adopted.  Here is a word on how Sam is doing today!


A Happy Tail:  Just a quick update on little Sam.  Sammy is doing great.  He is the funniest dog and about the smartest dog I ever saw.  If I knew more about training dogs, I'm sure I could get him on television or something because he is really really smart.  He was housebroken in just two weeks and thus far he has only had one "accident" - and that was my fault for not paying close enough attention to his actions signaling me that he wanted to go outside to do his business. He and his big brother Thor are fast friends, right now they are sleeping on the couch (Sam lying on Thor's bum).

They love to play and 'rastle' like dogs do.  Thor is very gentle and patient and Samy has tons of energy.  It was a riot watching him react to his first snow storm - he ran outside and then started jumping through the snow like a deer, he loves it.  Also, he was fascinated watching the fire in the fireplace - everything is an adventure to him.  We go for a long walk at least once a day (always on the leash and sometimes in the woods on a leash).  Now that the tick season is gone I can walk them in the woods and fields more often ( I hate those ticks ) And he is never alone. 

He has a voracious appetite but I don't think he's going to be too big a dog, which is fine with us since Thor is so big.  Right now Sam is about 45 lbs - 5 months old - and 21 inches at the shoulder.  He loves to chase the laser pointer across the floor when we are in the house, I don't play it with him more than once a week because I don't want him to get bored with it but he is a real hunter - I can tell that he has it in his genes.  Of course, I don't hunt any more so he'll have to be satisfied chasing mice and the occasional squirrel that might wander into the fenced in yard.

He also loves to chase the birds when they come looking for winter food. He is a great dog and we are so grateful to you and the folks down in Georgia for saving him.  I've enclosed a recent picture so you can see how he has grown - also - he is getting a lot more little spots, almost as if he might be part Dalmatian or something.  Everyone who sees him says he is the cutest dog and he really loves people.  All in all, he is a really great little dog.

Happy New Year

Ed and Janet and Thor and Sam