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In the Beginning.   Sims (now Patches) and his two siblings were discovered living at the farm of a kind Burke County couple.    All four dogs, Sam, Sims, Sadie and their mom Patches were transported to Massachusetts where they were quickly adopted.  Here is a word on how Sims (now Patches) is doing today!


A Happy Tail:  Hello there, I was writing to let you know that we adopted one of the puppies that you rescued from an abandoned farm. On Thursday Oct 15, 2009 my boyfriend and I went to the Northeast Animal Shelter to find a dog, where we fell in love with Sims. We ended up changing his name to Patches. He is a great addition to our beginning family. He's so sweet and has a great disposition and is learning rather quickly. We are going to start puppy training classes in a couple weeks at our local PetSmart. We are so happy to save a pup, and wanted to thank you for all that you have done to save animals.

Holly and Jarrid