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Our names are Sokhom and Fuji and we are the new proud owners of Molly.  We adopted Molly on April 11 at the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA.  As soon as we saw her, we knew we wanted to meet her -- she was the cutest puppy there! 


In her files, her foster mom said that she was the smartest puppy she's ever met.  We can agree with that!  Her first week in her new home, she learned to sit, lay down, high-five and play dead on cue.  She is also being potty trained to ring her bell whenever she needs to go potty outside.  She even learned to bring her water bowl to us when it was empty and she wanted more water!  Our friend often brings over their dog, Roxxie, who has become like a big sister to Molly.  Molly follows Roxxie around and learns how to behave like a good dog.   She is a very well-mannered puppy -- she always politely sits down whenever she wants something or whenever she sees something/someone interesting.  Whenever we go on walks, she always takes a moment (or several moments!) to sit down and just look at the world around her.  She is such an observative little puppy and we are so excited that we get to be the ones to show her all these new things. 


This is our third week with her and we couldn't be more happier.  She is the sweetest, most loving little puppy.  We are so glad to have this new addition to our family and she has brought so much happiness to us.  We enjoy every waking moment with her and we are so glad she came all the way from Georgia to be part of this family. We can't wait for the weather to get better so we could take her to the parks and lakes.   She has such an exciting life ahead of her!


If you would like any other updates on her, we'd be more than happy to share.  Please see the pictures of her that I've attached.



Sokhom & Fuji