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Hi Carli!  My name is Tammy Johnston, London's new owner!  We LOVE her!  You did such an amazing job fostering her!  She is a wonderful dog, she sits & gives her paw...and does pee on demand!  Thank you for starting her life off in the right direction.  She was in the shelter for a total of eight days.  I was actually looking for a hypo-allergenic dog because I have allergies. 


My husband, Scott, love's Jack Russell's and when I saw her, that made me say "hi" to her.  Also, she was not a "licker" (allergic to saliva) and she was soooo calm, unlike a Jack Russell.  I went home and thought about her all weekend.  I told my 20yr old daughter, Caylea (she lives in an apt.) and Caylea loved her and told me I needed to adopt her! 


So, we went home and got Scott and my 12 yr. old daughter, Samantha, went back to the shelter and adopted her immediately!  I think she has a special bond with Samantha, because of you and your love for her!  


London had her first visit to the vet, she is very healthy! 

I have included three pictures for you.  The first is my favorite!  The second is London's first night with us...we always say "she's not too comfortable!"  The third is London with Samantha in the back seat of my truck.


I hope you enjoy them.  Feel free to write anytime.  I can send some more pictures if you like.  Thank you, again, Carli, for doing such a great job training and loving London!

                                                                                                Your Friend,  Tammy 

Carli hugging London good-bye