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Dear Old Fella,


It was 2 years ago last month since we brought KC into our home.  They told us about how she was found tied to a dumpster in the middle of a hot Georgia July.  We were also told that she had parvo, was malnourished, and severely dehydrated when she was found. When we met her that Saturday in January of 2008 she was shy with everyone, but had such expressive eyes that we couldn't walk away from her.  She has opened up quite a bit since then.  When people come into our home she is still cautious, but once she gets to know someone she a devoted and loving companion.  When we first brought her home we couldn't wrap our arms around her without her fidgeting, now she is glad to curl up and cuddle. 


She immediately made friends with our cat Sticky and the two of them would often play rolling on their backs on the rug and batting at each other. Last year we adopted a second dog and KC has just blossomed with Patty in the house. Patty has taught KC to be more trusting of strangers and has provided her with someone to chase, wrestle, and play with in the back yard.

We can't imagine our family without her in it.  We love to see that giant puppy smile waiting at the window when we come home from work and the way that her whole body wags when she is happy or excited. 

After all that Old Fella did for our KC the least we can do is help another pup who will one day bring a family as much love and happiness as KC has to our family.

Attached you will find a few pictures taken of KC in our living room a couple of months ago with that beautiful expressive eyes that we love so much.

Best regards,

Krystal and Jack