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We adopted a yellow lab mix from Northeast Animal Shelter on November 25th.  I believe she was a rescue from Old Fella.


We would like to thank you very much for your amazing efforts rescuing the dogs, and let you know that another one is happy, healthy, and in a loving home.  When we adopted her she was a little shy, but Blondie (aka Jazz) has been rapidly gaining confidence and has become an outgoing, playful puppy. In the three months that we have had her, Jazz has gained over 15lbs and grown 2 inches.  


Jazz is great with the children (ages 5 & 8) and loves to play with her older cousin Koda.  Jazz is a great walker, and loves to run at the neighboring fairgrounds.. She is also starting to show her lab heritage, as she loves water in all forms, whether splashing through a puddle or a stream, or romping on the beach.


Thank you again for rescuing her and all the other dogs; hopefully seeing the wonderful dog Jazz has become is some small reward.