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Hello Margie,

Harper is still doing great and continues to grow.  We love having her as part of our home...she's been a great addition!  We're always wondering/hoping we'll run into one of her siblings when we're out and about.  We just came back from some trail hiking yesterday and she loved it. :-)  Harper really is a "Pup for all seasons."  She loved the snow during the winter and has been just as happy enjoying the outdoors or relaxing in the sun!  (See pictures)  We are now looking into obedience/training classes for the near future to continue all the training we've been doing at home since we adopted her.  She's been doing great and it will be so fun to see what new skills she may learn.  It has been great having such a versatile pup!  She loves is an energetic girl who loves to play and can cuddle with the best of 'em too. <3  She's even been to the beach!  Harper will also be joining the family for a trip to West Virginia over the long weekend, where she will have plenty of woods to explore and may even get to test the water.  She definitely has our hearts...and plenty of toys to show for it.  We love finding new toys that we think she'll enjoy!

All the best,
   Joanna & Adam
PS - I was inspired to email you an update because I think I spy one of Harper's sisters (Paige/Ava) in the Happy Tails section of the Old Fella website!

PPS - Included a few pictures so you can see how much she's grown.