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Dear Kathy and Bill,

I am writing to update you on one of your foster pups (formerly known as "Daisy").  "Daisy" is now called "Halle". We adopted her on April 1st from the shelter in Salem, MA.

She now lives in the suburbs about 20 minutes north of Boston.  She is doing wonderful, is full of energy and still loves trouble!  She is the only pet in the house, which we just bought in December, and she has really made the house more of a home. Since there are no other pets for her to snuggle with, she snuggles with us.  She loves attention and there can be no hugging or kissing going on without her jumping in the
middle of it.


She is rather spoiled so we enrolled her in Puppy Classes on Friday evenings. Last week was her first class. Most of the puppies were calm, some even sleeping, but Halle was totally over excited. She thought it was playtime......she was rather a naughty girl, but we hope she'll be better next time.  Halle loves to play with other dogs, no matter how big they are.  She can hang with the best of them.  Her favorite thing to do is go to the dog park or run on the beach. She digs up sea shells and is pretty confident that she is going to catch her a sea gull one day.

Thank you so much for what you do.  You have probably helped lots of dogs and families unite, but I want to express my gratitude from this family (including Halle), for making a difference in our lives.  God Bless...

                                                                    - Kim

Halle & her forever Dad.

Halle & her foster Mom.

Halle & her forever Mom.