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Dear Old Fella,


I am writing to let you know my family and I adopted Sugar from the Northeast Animal Shelter on March 2, 2010. What a year it has been!  We changed Sugar’s name to Grady. Grady was very shy and unsure when we first brought him home. He was afraid to come out of his kennel.  We enlisted the help of other dogs to help coax him out. It took about 2 days for him to know how safe and loved he was in his new home.  Grady now needs to be in the same room with his family at all times!  We call our love seat in the family room the love seat because he loves to sleep there.  We signed him up for a family dog obedience training using the clicker style method of training. Grady loved socializing with the other dogs. He was the shining star of his class.


A local animal shelter had a grand opening and Grady was asked to do a demonstration. The shelter wanted to showcase how wonderful shelter dogs are.  Grady was surrounded by adults, children, seniors, cats and other dogs. Everyone who meets him just falls in love.  It was at that point we realized we needed to share this young man with others.  Grady, my daughter and I have successfully completed a therapy dog program and are now a certified Therapy Dog Team. We visit nursing homes and hospice facilities. He brings comfort to others as they recuperate, rehabilitate or simply live life.


Sugar was fostered by the Jones family.  We will never be able to thank the Jones family and your organization enough.  Words will never express the love he has brought to our family. Our lives have changed forever.


 Maureen, Ray, Nicole, Jesalyn and Grady TD