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Hi Kelly,
I've attached a picture of Grace that I thought would show off her beauty as she rests upon a lovely pink, yellow and lavender blanket that my late grandmother made for us before we had children.  Since we had two boys, we never used this one, and it has been under wraps since 1988.  When I took it out of the zipped up garment bag, it released the sweet scent of my grandmother that was on everything she made for us, and it seemed perfect for Grace, our first female dog.  Somehow, I think she knew we gave her something special to lay on, and now it is her special place on top of the bed. 

Grace is really settling in nicely and, although I think she favors her "Mistress," she is loving the attention and affection from my husband and two sons who have all fallen head over heals for her!

Thanks so much for your guidance and feedback so we could give Grace what she wants and needs to be happy and secure.
We love her so!