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Hi Kathy and Jay,

First of all, Buddy is an absolute saint!  What a wonderful job you did training him.  I knew we were in for only good things when I went to get his food and water after we first came home with him and he sat down like a little soldier.  My husband and I looked at each other in shock and instantly realized that this little guy was coming to us ahead of the puppy curve!  Also, not one house training accident!  We never guessed we would get a puppy and not even have to house train!  We truly got the best of both worlds.  Thank you!


I work from home, so it has been a great transition for him.  When his puppy curiosity gets the best of him, I am always here to play with him, walk him and keep him safe.  It is wonderful having a dog in the house again!


Seven years ago, my dog and I moved in with my husband and his two dogs.  My very mixed breed dog was put down due to kidney failure about 6 months later at the age of 17 years 7 months.  Three years ago we put down my husband's beautiful and sweet lab/greyhound mix at 18 years. Our last baby, a lab/samoyed mix, was put down last May at age 16.  Nearly a year later, we still miss him greatly, but it was time to open our home again.  I promise you that Buddy will get the same love and attention that allowed our other dogs to live such long, long, happy lives!


The package you sent up with Buddy was so sweet!  Turns out with the crazy weather we have all experienced this year, it was 85 degrees the day we got Buddy.  No need for a coat, but we had him sleep with it so he could be comforted by the smells of you and your family during the night.  After all, it was his first night without Hannah as well.  We tried to take a picture with him wearing it just this weekend but he has outgrown it!  However, he still uses every day. After he plays hard and when he gets sleepy, he likes to lay with it like a blanki and knaw on it until he falls asleep.  The softness is great for his teething.  He doesn't pull, tug, or tear at it.  He treats it like a baby.  It is still in PERFECT condition.  You would never know he uses it as a pacifier.  It's very sweet.  We went to his first vet appt on Friday.  Rest assured that (what we now call his blanki) came with us.  He LOVES that thing!


OK.  I'm rambling.  Thank you so much for taking such good care of Buddy and for all of the great fostering you do.  I don't know how experienced you are or if this was possibly your first time, but I hope you continue.  You are doing everything right!


Buddy sends his love! XOXO


Andrea & Mark