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Dear Shanks family and all the of the rescuers,

We would like to thank you very much for your amazing efforts rescuing these dogs, and let you know that another one is happy, healthy, and in a loving home. Bella is one of the black lab mixes (with mottled paws) from this heroic rescue.  When we adopted her she was a little shy, but Bella (we kept the name) has been rapidly gaining confidence and has become an outgoing, playful puppy. It seems like she gained two inches in the first three days just by standing up straight! In the two weeks since then, Bella has gained six pounds, and gets longer every time you look at her.

She is great around children and other dogs, and gets petted by all the children in the playground. Our daughter loves to run and play with her in the yard, and then sit with her on the couch and scratch behind Bella's ears.  Bella is a great walker, and can make seven miles a day. She is also starting to show her lab heritage, as she loves water in all forms, whether splashing through a puddle or a stream, or romping on the beach.

House and crate training is going very well; she has had only two accidents so far and generally sleeps though the night. We have found a very good veterinarian here, and Bella is getting all her shots, and will be spayed in December.

She very much loves the outdoors, particularly walks through the forest, where she climbs on top of every boulder she sees. In the yard, she chases leaves, chews sticks, and rolls in the grass.  Perhaps her favorite pastime, though, is lying on the couch, preferably with someone rubbing her belly.  Thank you again for rescuing her and all the other dogs; hopefully seeing the wonderful dog Bella has become is some small reward.

Eric, Stefanie and Leah