bruce (fka spooky-bruce)

He was once called Spooky.  He is now called Bruce.  The story of Bruce is the story of three families – each connecting in compassion.  Old Fella received a surrender request on July 24, 2009 for this dog named Spooky.  In the margins of the application, it reads:


“This male is very friendly with other dogs and is always happy to see our family, but is very jumpy and frightens easily.”


Spooky was dropped off at the home of a compassionate soul – a woman who said yes six times before to dogs dropped into her care.  She decided, with Spooky, that she would ask for help.  She applied to Old Fella and we said yes.


Spooky was selected to foster with Sandy & Barry, the most unexpected and amazing couple you could hope to find in Burke County.  British, compassionate and dedicated, they rescue with an accent and charm.  Looking back through the timeline of Spooky-Bruce, Barry writes on August 12, 2009:


“Sandy met the dog on location, she decided it will be fine (fingers crossed) with us. It does have issues however, probably due to an abused past. From our perspective, would wish it to be integrated with our dogs on a ' level playing field’ as I feel it's at the upper age limit for easy acceptance by the others.”


This was a big day for Spooky-Bruce.


Later on, Sandy sends in a photo of her new foster and writes:


“Here is Spooky.  We picked him up Friday 08-14-09 from the woman who sought his surrender – she seems to have done a great job with this nervous (probably abused) dog. 


Spooky has been living with her other 5 dogs who have about a 1000 acres to run in if they want to!  They are older dogs and were all strays or pick-ups, except the Great Dane and live happily together. Spooky had been tagging along, but keeping his distance. By the time I collected him he was 'coming around ' and the lady could catch him and put him on a leash and even got to rub his tummy the last day. I think she was a little sad to see him go, but she is out of town a lot and felt he needed more human interaction. She is a really good person and real animal lover.


Took Spooky to vet and he has hookworms, so unfortunately he will have to spend the next 3 days isolated from our dogs while we get this cleared up.  I pick-up anyway as a matter of course, but I'm now carrying the bleach solution with me! His coat, ears and skin are very clean.  Vet gave him his shots and he already had his rabies and heartworm test previously, which was negative. Spooky weighed in at 47lbs.


He is still very unsure of himself and his surroundings, but we cannot see any problems with this dog. He just needs TLC and guidance.


While at the vet they said we really ought to call him Bruce as Spooky wasn't such a great name (like the dog called Pancake that got run over!)   Anyway we agreed that he could have Bruce on his record sheet, but we have got used to calling him Spooky or Pooky at home. If ever I refer to this dog in an email, I will call him Spooky Bruce now !!!”


Spooky-Bruce transported to Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Massachusetts in January of 2010.  Good-bye was certainly bittersweet for Sandy and Barry.  It is never easy to let go of the lives you welcome into your heart and love as your own.  The greatest gift of an Old Fella foster family is this willingness to share a full heart full knowing that good-bye is only a matter of time. 



Spooky-Bruce – now just Bruce – was adopted by Todd & Kellie in Massachusetts.  The photos of his new life speak for themselves!