Oldest Purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs

This is a manually compiled list to celebrate purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs from around the world who reached their 10th birthday. All dogs can be found in the Berner-Garde database. For any additions, corrections, or updates, please submit this form. To be added to the list, you will need to create a free Berner-Garde profile if you don't have one.

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Double Digit Berners

Disclaimer: This list is not an endorsement for any particular breeder. In fact, a few of these dogs are from non-reputable people. To find a reputable breeder, I only recommend visiting the regional and national Bernese Mountain Dog Club in your area.



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Special thanks to the following for their contributions to this list:

Jean Cheesman †

Amy Tucker

Sharon Montville

Created by Karlo Laforteza