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Dear Sandy,


Below is my Winter season report.  Included are sightings from 1 December, 2001 through 28 February, 2002.  Included are single frames of video of several of the more unusual birds.  A video tape will be provided in a separate mailing.


Highlights of the season included a first record Lesser Black-backed Gull in southern Dona Ana Co., the Aplomado Falcon west of the Rio Grande, the Pyrrhuloxia in Union Co.,  Red-thtd Loon in southern Eddy Co., Rusty Blackbird in Roosevelt Co., and Red-sh. Hawk at Turn. I managed to cross the 7000 mark in Total-ticky, ending the season with 7004.  Other interesting finds included Dipper in two unlikely locations and I was exceptionally successful with screech owl, picking up three in new counties.  I guess the Greater Scaups at Tyrone were pretty good finds as well.


Collared Doves continued to be found in new places (though no new counties).  I spent time looking for them in Catron, Rio Arriba, Harding, Mora, and Taos without success, however I had two at Magdalena last weekend, so they are moving out US-60, and probably will end up at Datil soon.




                                                                                   Jerry R. Oldenettel


Fall Season Sightings by Species

1 December, 2001 - 28 February, 2002

 Abbreviations used:

              CLSP - Conches Lake State Park,  35.2535N 104.1107W
               MR - Maxwell NWR, 36.3417N 104.3444W
              BAR - Bosque del Apache NWR, 33.4800N 106.5200W
               BLR - Bitter Lakes NWR, 33.3608N 104.2441W
              RGNC - Rio Grande Nature Center, 35.0704N 106.4012W
              RSPA - Rattlesnake Springs Picnic Area, 32.0640N 104.2754W
              LVR - Las Vegas NWR, 35.5543N 105.1711W
               GTR - Grasslands Turf Ranch (Las Lunas), 34.8061N 106.7480W
              GCTR - Green Chaparral Turf Ranch (Moriarity), 34.9900N 105.9726W
               ULSP - Ute Lake State Park, 35.2021N 103.2907W
                BD - Boone's Draw,  34.1037N 103.2507W to 33.5110N 103.4223W
               MVT - the vagrant trap about 10 miles west of Melrose, 34.2549N 103.5275W
               PDSP - Percha Dam State Park, 32.8618N 107.3034W
               EBMP - Elephant Butte Lake, North Monticello Point, 33.2232N 107.1376W
               EBL - Elephant Butte Lake, 33.0912N 107.1224
               SRP - Socorro Riverine Park, 34.08067N 106.87083W
               NMTTB - New Mexico Tech Turtle Bay (Between Macey Center and the Golf Course, Socorro) 34.06782N 106.90875W
               LLH - Luis Lopez (at or near near my house at 499 Farm-to-Market Road), 33.98755N 106.86482W
               LCP - Area around my house in Albuquerque (3904 Anderson SE), 35.06845N 106.60062W

Coobservers: Reginald David (RD), Jon Dunn (JD), Doug Emkalns (DE), Lane Leckman (LL), Jake Musser (JM), John Parmeter (JP), Jim Paton (JPa), Pat Snider (PS), Bertha Whitby (BW)

Note: (ABE) following the species name indicates and all birds encountered and identified during the period are included in the account.  Otherwise I have included only the first, unusual, and/or late encounters and high counts.  Dates are given as MM/DD.  Many locations are given as NM-xx/MPyy, where xx gives the state, U.S., or National Forest route number and yy indicates the nearest milepost number.

Red-thtd. Loon (ABE).    1 at Willow Lake on 12/1 (vt enclosed). I first spotted this loon from the north end of the lake, a large distance from the bird which was fairly badly backlit.  It clearly was a small loon, but I could get no sharp contrast to the side of the neck or face and occasionally the bird seemed to be holding it's bill in an up-tilted pose.  I then drove to the north end of the lake where the lighting was much better and I was much closer to the bird and confirmed the ID.  The bird was fairly pale gray above with a whitish throat and lower face, grading slowly into the gray of the nape and crown. The crown was gently rounded (as in Pacific Loon) and crown and nape were the same gray as the back.  The eye was dark and the bill was dark, thin, and farily short with a notable uptilted angle to the gonys. There was a lens of white along the side of the bird at the waterline.

Common Loon.    1 at Willow Lake on 12/1.  2 off Cheapskate Point, Brantley Lake on 12/31 (with JD).  5 at Conchas Lake on 1/12 (with JP).

Horned Grebe.    6 at Conchas Lake on 1/12 (with JP).  1 at Ute Lake on 1/27.

Great Egret.    1 at BAR on 1/1 (with JD).    2 at BAR on 1/4, 1/8, 1/19 (with JP), 1/23, 1 there on 2/2 (with JP, LL).  1 at Isleta Marsh on 1/25.

Green Heron (ABE).    1 along the canal north of the Sunland Racetrack on 12/26.

Tundra Swan (ABE).    4 at MR lake 14 on 12/23 and 5 at lake 12 on 2/23 (with JP, LL).  1 imm. at BAR on 1/8 (with PS), 1/19 (with JP), 1/23, 2/1.

White-ftd. Goose (ABE).    1 t MR lake 13 on 12/23.  2 at upper Caballo Lake on 1/1 (with JD) had been found on the Caballo CBC; 3 there on 1/19 (with JP).  7 at Clayton Lake on 1/26.

Wood Duck.    1 female at Mescalero Lake on 1/6.  2 pair at the Jan Juan Pueblo Tribal Lakes on 2/16 (with JP).

Greater Scaup (ABE).    1 male at RGNC on 2/16 (with JP, RD, BW ).

3 (2 imm males and 1 female) at the Tyrone Sewage ponds on 2/24 (vt enclosed). The birds had a large, broad bills with a wide black nail, and rounded heads.  Both males were molting into breeding/adult plumage.  On the most advanced (plumage wise) male, the black at the tip of the bill was smeared to areas outside of the nail. One of the males still had whitish areas around the base of the bill and both still had pretty muddy looking sides. One male Lesser Scaup was nearby for comparison of bill size and head shape.

Long-tld. Duck (ABE).    The Lake Avalon bird was still present on 12/1 (vt enclosed).

Barrow's Goldeneye (ABE).    2 on the San Juan River east of the Sprotsman's Inn on 12/8 (with LL, JP).

1 male with a flock of about 50 Commons at Embudo Station on 2/16 (with JP).  This bird was seen with a 60 X scope from the river bridge at a distance of about 150 yards.  It was foraging in a small rapid with a flock of about 50 Common Goldeneye.  It was mid-morning and the birds were north (up river)  of us and in good light.  The bird was the same size as the nearby male commons with a crescent shaped white patch behind the bill, notably steeper forehead, and more extensive black on the back with a small black finger sticking down onto the side of the breast.

Red-br. Merganser.     5 at Conchas Lake on 1/12 (with JP).

Osprey (ABE).    2 about a mile south of Williamsburg on 1/5 (with JP,LL).  1 over TorC on 1/19 (with JP).  1 at Rock Canyon Marina on 2/2 (with JP, LL).

Bald Eagle.    1 adult at Lake Roberts on 2/24.

Northern Goshawk (ABE).    1 adult at Lake Roberts On 2/24.

Harris' Hawk.    1 at BAR on 1/4 (vt enclosed), 1/8 (vt enclosed) and 1/13 had been previously reported.  6 along Luna Road C003 from about 2miles south of the end of the pavement (INS blimp port) to the C091 junction (with JP, LL).

Red-shouldered Hawk (ABE).    1 adult western type on the east side of the Rio Grande about 400 yards north of the Bosque Bridge on 2/17 (vt enclosed) had been reported about 2 hours before by CR.  The bird was seen sitting and in flight at distances ranging from 50-100 yards with 10X binoculars.  It was late afternoon and the bird was to the north or northeast of my location.  Chris had reported this bird near the small salt pond at Turn at about 3 p.m.  I was already in the area (just north of Lemitar) and so it took only 1/2 hour to get to the site.  I was unable to scope it from the pond area while looking back west toward the bosque, so I started walking the east levee road north from the Bosque bridge.  At about 300 yards north of the highway, the bird flew out of the bosque about 50 yards ahead of me and up the canal, cutting back into the bosque after about 100 yards.  I ot on the lower road and approached slowly and was able to see it sitting low in the trees up to as close as about 50 yards.  It flew directly across the canal to the east and into a salt cedar/Russian olive grove.  I found only one fairly distant location where I could see the bird sitting and left it there after a few minutes.  The bird was a typical adult western form; a small buteo that had a black tail with narrow white bands, black flight feathers with narrow white bands, and deep rufous back, head, breast and belly.  The flight pattern was accipiter like, a short flap-glide sequence.

Rough-legged Hawk.    1 at US-60/mp291 (De Baca, 36  miles west of Ft. Sumner) on 1/1 (with JD).  1 at Vaughn on 1/1 (with JD). 1 at US-60/mp241 (Torrance, 13 miles west of Encino) on 1/1 (with JD).  1 at NM-26/mp24 (3.5 miles west of Nutt) on 2/10.

Merlin (ABE).    1 at Black River Village on 12/31 (with JD).  1 fe. (richardsonii ) near PDSP on 1/19 (with JP).  1 fe. (richardsonii ) 5 miles east of Clayton on 1/26.  1 near Sedan on 1/27.  1 (columbarius ) at Turn (Valencia) on 2/17.

Aplomado Falcon (ABE).    1 adult in southern New Mexico on 2/2 (with JP, LL, vt enclosed).  John spotted this bird about mid morning, 10'-15' up in a lone deciduous (elm?) tree.   The bird was probably about 1/2 mile north of the Mexican border.   It loafed and preened while we observed and photographed it over about a 15 minute period, then flew SSE toward the border.  We probably lost it at about the border.

The bird was a medium sized raptor, generally blackish on the head, back, wings.  It had a striking wide, white eyebrow and white cheeks with a short black whisker mark and wide black bar through the eye.  The throat and breast were clean white and there was a black belly band which started out quite wide at the sides of the breast and smoothly tapered by about a factor of 3-4 in width as it bridged across the lower breast to upper belly region. The belly band was complete.  Below the belly band the belly had a decided buffy cast.  I did not see the legging color.  The under-tail was black, finely barred with  narrow white bands.  In flight, a thin band of white could be seen along the trailing edge of the wing.  It exclusively flew away from us, so I got no feel for the proportion of the tail.

Peregrine Falcon (ABE).    1 adult in the Carazilia Valley on 12/27.  1 adult at Monticello Bay on 1/1 (with JD).

Ring-n. Pheasant.    1 at Velarde and 1 at San Juan Pueblo on 2/16 (with JP).

Com. Moorhen (ABE).    1 at BAR on 1/19 had been previously reported.

Snowy Plover (ABE).    1 at Cheapskate Point, Brantley Lake on 12/31 (with JD).

Greater Yellowlegs.    1 at Puerto de Luna on 12/22.

Long-bld. Curlew (ABE). 1 in the Carazilia Valley on 12/27.  1 (with broken wing) at the upper end of Caballo Lake on 1/19 (with JP).

California Gull.  2 at the Sunland Park Race Track pond and at the Doniphan Marsh (TX) on 12/25-26.  1 imm. along the river south of Racetrack Rd. Bridge in Sunland Park on 12/31 (with JD) and 2 adults there on 1/5 (with JP, LL).

Herring Gull. 2 at the Sunland Park Race Track pond and at the Doniphan Marsh (TX) on 12/25-26. 2 imm. along the river south of Racetrack Rd. Bridge in Sunland Park on 12/31 (with JD).  1 adult at the Socorro dump on 1/4 & 1/6 (with JP, LL), 1/16.

Thayer's Gull (ABE).   1 first winter bird at the Socorro Dump on 1/3 (vt enclosed)-1/4, 1/5 (with JP, LL)-1/8, 1/14-16.  On 1/8 the seeing was finally good enough that I was able to scope the bird from LLH.  This bird was a fairly normal 1W specimen.  Plain uniform pale brown overall with coarse brown/white mottling on the coverts.  The bird was a little smaller than the nearby Herring Gull.  Legs were a rather dull pink.  The bird had a dark eye and an all black bill.  The bill was a little daintier than that on the nearby Herring Gull.  Dark brown outer web/pale tan inner web "fingers" were visible on the primaries and outer secondaries in flight.  Under-wing pale silvery with no notable windows at the wrist (more or less uniform translucence to the spread primaries and secondaries).  Rump pale tan with a diffusely edged dark brown band at the end of the tail.  Secondaries brown centered and white edged.  Brown of secondaries same color as primaries which have pale crescents at the tips.

1 first winter bird at Rock Canyon on 1/19 (with JP, vt enclosed) and 2/2 (with JP, LL), 2/10.

Lesser  Black-backed Gull(ABE). 1 at the Sunland Park Race Track pond and at the Doniphan Marsh (TX) on 12/25 (with JPa, vt enclosed), 12/26, 12/31 (with JD), and 1/5 (with JP, LL).  I was looking for a Mew Gull that had been reported by Barry Zimmer at Doniphan Marsh (along Doniphan St. in southwest El Paso) when I came across  this bird.  I immediately called local birders and Pat to put out the word.  Jim Paton arrived in about 15 minutes and we spent the next 3/4 hour or so looking at the bird at Doniphan. A harrier put up the flock 2-3 times while we were watching and on one of these occasions, the bird disappeared and we headed over for the Sunland Park Race Track, about 3/4 mile to the southeast in New Mexico, where we quickly located the bird.  It stayed with the flock loafing there for the next 2-3 hours.  The bird spent all it's time loafing and sleeping with occasional short bouts of preening. It returned to Doniphan at about 3:00, then to Sunland Park Race Track at about 4:30 where it evidently roosted (I was there until nearly dark). Jim photographed the bird at Doniphan and I video taped it at both Doniphan and Sunland Park.  I was fully anticipating that this would be a first record for NM when I found the bird at Doniphan.  I have seen only one Lesser Black-backed previously, also a winter adult, in the mid 1980s at the south end of the Salton Sea in CA, but the ID is not a difficult one.

The bird was a large gull about the size of a first year California Gull seen in the same area and notably larger than any of the Ring-billed Gulls nearby.  The breast, and belly where white and the head and neck were white with variably heavy dusky streaking, particularly heavy around the eye and on the ear coverts.  The eye was bright yellow.  The bill looked medium in length and thickness (for a large gull) and was bright yellow with a large bright red spot near the tip of the lower mandible.  The mantle, scapulars, and coverts were dark gray, about the color of a southern Western Gull (L.o. wymanii ).  The secondaries and tertials had white tips.  The primaries were black, fairly badly worn, with several small white windows showing.  The tail was entirely white.  The primaries extended about 2" beyond the tip of the tail.  I did not see the legs (though Jim mentioned that he had seen them as being yellow at one point) or the underwing pattern in flight.

I saw the bird again the following day (12/26) and took more video footage and was able to confirm that the bird did indeed have yellow legs (not quite as bright as the bill), and had a bright orangish red gape.  I looked hard at the eye, but only caught a hint of a reddish orbital ring on a couple of occasions.

Eurasian Collared Dove (ABE).    3 at southeastern Sunland Park on 12/26.  5 at Columbus on 12/27 and 1 there on 2/2 (with JP, LL).  1 at Ft. Sumner and 1 at Vaughn on 1/1 (with JD).  4 at Big Mesa on 1/12 (with JP).  2 at Luis Lopez on 1/19 (with JP), 1 on 2/12, 2 on 2/15 and 1 on 2/28.  2 at Sedan on 1/27.  2 at Portales on 2/9.  4 at Rio Communities on 2/22.  2 at Magdalena on 2/24.

White-w. Dove.   1 at Ft. Sumner on 1/1 (with JD).  About 10 at Glenwood on 2/3.  2 at Spirit Canyon Lodge near Lake Roberts on 2/24.

Inca Dove.    About 22 at Tularosa on 1/6.  About 10 at Pecan Park in Deming on 2/2 (with JP, LL).  1 at Glenwood on 2/3.  10 at Hilsboro on 2/10.

Greater Roadrunner.   Quite a surprise was one in my Albuquerque driveway (3904 Anderson, SE) on 2/27.

Western Screech Owl (ABE).    1 at Puerto de Luna on 12/23.  4 near Dunnegan's Crossing (NM-338/mp40) on the Peloncillo CBC on 12/29 (with JD, JM).  1 at Shoemaker (NM-97/mp8) on 1/25.  1 one-half mile below the dam at Clayton Lake on 1/26.

Long-eared Owl (ABE).    1 at Pancho Villa S.P. on 2/2 (with JP, LL).

N. Saw Whet Owl(ABE)    1 calling near milepost 5 on Sandia Crest road on 1/19 had been previously reported.

Red-cr. Parrot.    3 in the residential area southwest of the Doniphan Marsh, TX on 12/25.  These birds probably occasionally get into Dona Ana Co., at least in flight.

Lewis' Woodpecker.   About 5 in the Velarde area on 2/16 (with JP) and 1 there on 2/23 (with JP, LL).

Ladder-bkd. Woodpecker.    1 about a mile south of Sedan on 1/27.

Dusky Flycatcher (ABE).    1 at PDSP on 1/19 (with JP) is probably the one previously reported.  Small empid with a thin white eyering, long tail and short wing extension, olive back and wings.  Round headed.  Dusky tipped lower mandible.  Was a tail flicker.  (JP heard the bird whitting).

Empidonax, sp. (ABE)    An unseen whitting bird (probably Dusky Flycatcher) was at the bridge in Glenwood on 2/3.  I got pretty good looks at what was presumably this bird on the afternoon of 2/24.  Quite a puzzle since it had a tiny bill,  long wing extension, short tail and flat head and would have been a dead ringer for a Hammonds if I had not previously heard it whit!.

Black Phoebe.    1 at Power Dam Park on 12/22.

Eastern Phoebe (ABE).    1 at BAR on 1/19 (with JP, DE).  1 at a pond about 1.5 miles west of NM-11 on Camino Doce south of Deming on 2/10 (vt enclosed).

Gray Jay (ABE).    2 at the Santa Fe Ski Basin on 2/16 (with JP).

Stellar's Jay.    2 on the west side of the Pecos just south of the mouth of Agua Negra Creek (Guadalupe) on 12/22 (vt enclosed).  2 along the Pecos in Santa Rosa just north of the I-40 bridge on 1/12 (with JP) and 1 there on 1/27.

Mexican Jay.    2 at Glenwood on 2/24.

Black-bld. Magpie.    9 at Dilia, 10 at Anton Chico, and 10 at Upper Anton Chico on 12/24.

Bridled Titmouse.    1 at Glenwood on 2/3.

Red-br. Nuthatch.    1 at PDSP on 1/19 (with JP).

Long-bld. Marsh Wren.    1 at Bosque Redondo on 1/1 (with JD).  2 at BAR on 1/4 and 3 there on 1/8.  1 along NM-456 about 15 miles east of Folsom on 1/26.  1 at Apache Creek (Catron) on 2/3.  1 at the marsh behind Big Rock Casino in Espanola on 2/16 (with JP).  3 at Mangus Spring on 2/24.

American Dipper (ABE).    1 bleow the dam at Power Dam Park in Santa Rosa on 12/22 (vt enclosed).  1 along the Rio Tularosa under the US-70 bridge on 1/6 (vt enclosed).  1 at the Embudo Bridge on 2/16 (with JP).

Eastern Bluebird (ABE).    15 at Puerto de Luna on 12/22.  1 at Bosque Redondo on 1/1 (with JD).  10 at Conchas Lake on 1/12 (with JP).  2 at PDSP on 1/19 (with JP).  4 at the OK border in the Dry Cimarron Valley on 1/26.  5 at Power Dam Park on 2/9 (with JP, LL).  1 male at the south end of Fish Pond Rd. at San Juan Pueblo on 2/16 (with JP).  2 along the Veguita Farms Loop on 2/17 and 2 (different birds) near there on 2/24.  4 at Cimarron on 2/23 (with JP, LL).

Northern Mockingbird.    1 at Big Mesa on 1/12 (with JP).  2 at Rio Communities on 2/22.

Sage Thrasher.    2 at Puerto de Luna on 12/22.  About 6 at Rock Canyon on 1/5 (with JP, LL) and 4 there on 1/19 (with JP).  About 12 at Puerto de Luna on 2/9 (with JP, LL).

Brown Thrasher (ABE). 1 at Bosque Redondo on 1/1 (with JD).

Curve-bld. Thrasher.    1 took up residence in at my LLH wood pile from 1/24 through the end of the period.

Phainopepla.    2 at Glenwood and 1 at Alma on 2/3.

Northern Shrike (ABE).   1 adult along NM456 about 12 miles east of Folsom on 1/26.

Northern Waterthrush (ABE).    1 along the drain at the north edge of Sunland Park Racetrack on 1/5 (with JP, LL), possibly the one reported earlier by S. West.  The bird had a yellowish cast to the eyeline and streaked throat.

Common Yellowthroat (ABE). 1 female at Bosque Redondo on 1/1 (with JD).

Pyrrhuloxia.    1 at LLH on 12/20-21, 1/5-through the end of the period.  1 along the bike path at the foot of Campbell St. in Albuquerque on 12/24 (vt enclosed) had been previously reported.  1 on Lobb Rd. about a mile south of Sedan on 1/27 (about 1/2 mile west of Perkins and Lobb Rds., vt enclosed).

Northern Cardinal.  2 males on the west side of the Pecos just south of the mouth of Agua Negra Creek (Guadalupe) on 12/22 (vt enclosed).  1 male at Dunnegan's Crossing (NM338/mp40) on 12/29 (with JD, JM).

Cassin's Sparrow (ABE).   2 near Dunnegan's Crossing (NM338/mp40) on 12/29 (with JD, JM; JD had 3).

Sage Sparrow.    1 at Swuanee (Valencia) on 2/17.

Vesper Sparrow.    About 30 in the Carzilia Valley on 12/27.  1 at Glenwood on 2/3.

Black-ch. Sparrow (ABE).    2 at the Percha Creek bridge west of Hilsboro on 2/2 (with JP, LL).

Savannah Sparrow - 2 about 2 miles northeast of Sedan on 1/27.

Swamp Sparrow.    1 along Tijeras Creek at the Public School Rd. Bridge on 1/13.

White-thtd. Sparrow (ABE).    1 (tan stripes) at LLH on 12/6-10 and 1/5 through the end of the period.  1 at Upper Anton Chico on 12/24. 1 at the Farm-to-Market Rd. railroad crossing just east of Luis Lopez from 1/20-2/5.  1 (white stripes) at the bridge in Glenwood on 2/3.  1 (tan stripes) along the Veguita Farms Loop on 2/17.

Harris' Sparrow (ABE).    1 imm. at LLH from the fall remained through 12/20.  After a month's absence, the bird reappeared on 1/18 through the end of the period (1/19 with JP, 1/29 vt enclosed).  1 at the Farm-to-Market Rd. railroad crossing just east of Luis Lopez on 1/28-2/5 (1/28,2/5 vt enclosed).  1 male well along toward breeding plumage at the Spirit Canyon Lodge near Lake Roberts on 2/24 (vt enclosed).

Rusty Blackbird (ABE).  1 at the Portales sewage plant outflow on 2/9 (with JP, LL, vt enclosed) had been reported earlier by CR.  The bird was seen in good light with binoculars and scope at distances as close as 30 yards.  The bird was blue-gray and blackbird sized with a slightly shorter tail and longer bill than brewer's.  The eye was pale yellow and there was a buffy eyeline and smudge below the eye.  In the last video sequence, the rufous edgings to the primaries/secondaries can just be seen.

Rosy Finch (ABE).    2 Black, 2 Gray-cr., and 1 Brown-cpd. at Sandia Crest on 1/12.  On 1/13, the Sandia Crest flock was at about 100 with 10 Brown-cpd., 70 Blacks, and 15 Gray-cr. including 3-4 Hepburn's.

Lesser Goldfinch.   About 10 at Rio Communities on 2/24.

Appendix A

Trip Log & Field Notes

Field Notes: December, 2001

011201-02.  On Saturday I started birding at Lake Avalon where I met John Parmeter  and Lane Leckman, I then looked at Flume Park (for a Cape May Warbler seen during the week), Lake Carlsbad, 6-mile dam, Flume Park, Lake Avalon, Lake Carlsbad, Willow Lake, Red Bluff Lake, and Lake Avalon.  I spent the night at Carlsbad.  On Sunday I strarted birding at Slaughter Canyon (0700-0950), then looked at Rattlesnake Spring, Lake Carlsbad, Brantley Lake, Mule Canyon & MacDonald Flat (Lincoln FR222), and the Tularosa sewage ponds.

Saturday, 12/1:

     Willow Lake - Com. Loon, Red-thtd. Loon
     Lake Avalon - Long-tld. Duck.

Sunday, 12/2:

     Lake Carlsbad - California Gull
     Elk - 15 American Crows
     Oak Grove (Otero) - 5 American Crows
     Tularosa sewage ponds - 5 Wood Ducks.

011208-09.  On Saturday, John Parmeter, Lake Leckman and I started birding along the San Juan River.  We then looked at Navajo Lake, Lake Farmington, Morgan Lake, Bluewater Lake, and Lake Acomita.  On Sunday I looked at the foot of Campbell St. and the RGNC.

Saturday, 12/8:

     San Juan River - 2 male Barrow's Goldeneye.

011215-16.  Spent the weekend in San Diego.  On Saturday I accompanied Guy McCaskie and Terese Clawson on the San Diego CBC where we looked at the Dairymart area and the east end of the Tijuana River Valley.  In the afternoon we looked at Greenwood Cemetery.  On Sunday we looked at the Country Club and 8th area of Coronado and then at Greenwood Cemetery.  Birds of interest:

Saturday, 12/15:

     Dairymart - 15 Twonsend''s Warblers, 25 Orange-cr. Warblers, 3 American Redstarts, 2 Black-and-white Warblers, Wilson's Warbler, 3 Blue Gray Gnatcatchers, 2 Hooded Mergansers, 5 Hutton's Vireos, Yellow Warbler,k Cassin's Vireo.
     Near Meyer's Ranch - 3 Common Ground Doves.
     J St. Marina - Red Knot, 4 Blue-w. Teal, Brant
     Greenwood Cemetery - Palm Warbler, 2 White-br. Nuthatch, 5 Townsend's Warblers.
     Imprial Beach - Tricolored Blackbird.

Sunday, 12/16:

     8th & Country Club - Philadelphia Vireo, Wilson's Warbler
     Greenwood Cemetery - Dusky-capped Flycatcher, Summer Tanager, fe. Baltimore Oriole, Palm Warbler.

011222-31.  On Saturday morning I started birding along River Road in Santa Rosa.  I then looked at Power Dam Park, Puerto de Luna, Tres Lagunas, Agua Negra Creek, Santa Rosa Lake, and spent the night in Santa Rosa.

Saturday, 12/22:

     Power Dam Park - Black Phoebe, Amer. Dipper.
     4 mi north of Puerto de Luna (west side of river) - 2 Stellar's Jays, 2 m. N. Cardinals.

On Sunday I started birding at Watrous (owling), Springer Lake, then looked at Maxwell NWR, Stubblefield Lake, Raton, Stubblefield Lake, Maxwell NWR, Maxwell, Springer Lake, Springer, Charette Lakes, Anton Chico, Santa Rosa (owling), and Puerto de Luna (owling).  I spent the night at Santa Rosa.

Sunday, 12/23:

     Watrous - Great Horned Owl.
     Maxwell Lake 13 - White-ftd. Goose.
     Maxwell Lake 14 - 4 Tundra Swans.
     Puerto de Luna - Western Screech Owl.

On Monday I started birding along Agua Negra Creek, then looked at Dilia, Anton Chico, Upper Anton Chico, GCTR, the bike path south of the foot of Campbell ST in Albuquerque.  I spent the night at Socorro.

Monday, 12/24:

     Dilia - 9 Black-bld. Magpie.
     Anton Chico - 10 Black-bld. Magpie
     Upper Anton Chico - 10 Black-bld Magpie, White-thtd. Sparrow.
     Campbell St. in ABQ - Pyrrhuloxia.

On Tuesday I started birding at Swan Lake south of Hatch, then looked at Sunland Racetrack, Randall's Pool, and [in part with Jim Paton] spent the rest of the day cycling between Doniphan Marsh, TX, Sunland Park Racetrack, and the river in Sunland Park.  I spent the night at Las  Cruces.

Tuesday, 12/25:

     Swan Lake - frozen
     Doniphan Marsh - Lesser Black-backed Gull, 2 California Gull, 1 Herring Gull, 3 Common Moorhen.
     Sunland Park Racetrack pond - Lesser Black-backed Gull, 2 California Gull, 2 Herring Gull
     TX residential southwest of Doniphan marsh - 3 Red-cr. Parrots.

On Wednesday I started birding at , working my way south and back into the RGV on Afton Rd.  I then looked at La Union, the Ft. Bliss sewage ponds, and then spent the rest of the day shuttling between Doniphan Marsh, Sunland Racetrack, and the River.  I spent the night at Las Cruces.

Wednesday, 12/26:

     Ft. Bliss sewage ponds (TX) - 2 Winter Wren, 2 Swamp Sparrow.
     River west of racetrack - Lesser Black-backed Gull, 2 Herring Gulls, 2 California Gulls, 3 Eurasian Collared Doves.

On Thursday I started birding at Pecan Park, then looked at Pancho Villa S.P., Columbus, Hermanas, Hatchita, Playas, and Clanton Canyon (owling).  I spent the night at Alan & Narca's.

Thursday, 12/27:

     Pancho Villa - 4 Inca Doves
     Columbus - 5 Eurasian Collared Doves
     Carazilia Valley - Peregrine Falcon, Long-bld. Curlew, 30 Vesper Sparrows.

I spent the Friday around Portal with a little birding at Rodeo and Stateline Rd in the late morning and spent the night at Alan & Narca's.

Friday, 12/28:

     Rodeo - 12 Inca Doves.

On Saturday Jake Musser, Jon Dunn and I spent the day on the Peloncillo CBC, looking at the area around Dunnegan's Crossing.  I spent the night at Alan and Narca's.

Saturday, 12/29:

     Dunnegan's Crossing - 4 Western Screech Owls, 3 Cassin's Sparrow, Male Northern Cardinal.

On Sunday I did the Portal CBC, looking along South Fork road and Trail.  I spent the night at Alan & Narca's.

Sunday, 12/30:

     South Fork/Trail - Brown Creeper, Painted Redstart, 2 Spotted Owls, 8 Yellow-eyed Junco, 4 Mexican Chickadee

On Monday Jon Dunn and I started birding at Doniphan Marsh in El Paso, then looked at Sunland Park Racetrack and the river below Racetrack Rd. Bridge.  We cycled among these three areas until about 10:30.  We then drove to Barry Zimmer's House (8016 Tonto) in north El Paso and spent about an hour there.  We then drove to Willow Lake, followed by Lake Avalon and Brantley Lake.  We spent the night in Roswell.

Monday, 12/31:

     River below Racetrack Rd. Bridge - 2 Herring Gulls, 1 California Gull, 1 Lesser Black-backed Gull.
     Barry Zimmer's - imm. male Violet-cr. Hummingbird, fe. Broad-bld. Hummingbird, male Broad-tld. Hummingbird, fe. Rufous Hummingbird.
     Brantley Lake - 1 Snowy Plover, 2 Common Loons.

On Tuesday Jon and I started birding at Sumner Lake.  We then looked at Bosque Redondo, along US-60 west to Willard, at Bosque del Apache, North Monticello Point, Rock Canyon, the upper end of Caballo Lake, and Caballo Dam.  I dropped Jon off at Barry's and spent the night at Las Cruces.

Tuesday, 1/1:

     Bosque Redondo - Brown Thrasher, fe. Com. Yellowthroat, E. Bluebird.
     Ft Sumner - Eur. Collared Dove, White-w. Dove.
     US-60/mp291 (DeBaca) - Rough-legged Hawk
     Vaughn - Rough-legged Hawk, Eur. Collared Dove
     US-60/mp241 (Torrance) - Rough-legged Hawk
     North Monticello Point - ad. Peregrine Falcon
     Upper Caballo Lake - 2 White-ftd. Goose.


Field Notes: January, 2002


020104.  A 1 hour run to the Bosque this morning.  Stopped by the Dump and had the Thayer's Gull (found there yesterday) and an adult Herring Gull.  At BAR were 2 Great Egrets and a Harris' Hawk.

020105-6.    On Saturday John Parmeter, Lane Leckman and I started birding at Doniphan Marsh, then looked at the Sunland Park Racetrack, along the Rio Grande, at Ascarate Park in El Paso, returned to Doniphan, the racetrack, and the river, then looked at Las Cruces (Lorraine Schulte's house), Caballo Dam, Animas Flats, Rock Canyon Marina, Monticello Bay, Socorro Dump, and LLH.  I spent the night at LLH.  On Sunday I started birding at Bonita Lake (owling) and Sierra Blanca (owling).  I then looked at Ski Apache, Alto Lake, Ruidoso, Mescalero, US-70, Tularosa, and Carrizozo.  Birds on interest:

Saturday, 1/5:

     Rio Grande below the Racetrack Rd. bridge - 2 imm. Herring Gulls, Lesser Black-backed Gull, 2 ad. California Gulls.
     Drain along north edge of S.P. Racetrack - Northern Waterthrush.
     Williamsburg - 2 Osprey
     Rock Canyon Marina - ad. California Gull, 4 ad. & 1 imm.  Herring Gulls.
     Socorro Dump - ad. Herring Gull, im. Thayer's Gull.
     LLH - Pyrrhuloxia, White-thtd. Sparrow.

Sunday, 1/6:

     Mescalero Lake - Canada Goose, Common Goldeneye, fe. Wood Duck.
     US-70 bridge over Rio Tularosa - Dipper.
     Tularosa - 22 Inca Doves, Brewer's Sparrow.

020108.    I spent about 2 hours in the late afternoon at BAR.  Of interest were an imm. Tundra Swan, Harris' Hawk, and 3 Marsh Wrens.

'020112-13.  John Parmeter and I started birding at Conchas Lake.  We then looked at Big Mesa, Hooverville, Santa Rosa, Power Dam Park, Tres Lagunas, and the Moriarity Sod Farm.  I spent the late afternoon at Sandia Crest.  I spent the night at Albuquerque.  On Sunday I started birding at Sandia Crest, then looked at Capitan Spring, along Tijeras Creek, at the Rio Grande Nature Center, and at Bosque del Apache.  Birds of interest:

Saturday, 1/12:

     Conchas Lake - 5 Com. Loons, 5 Red-br. Mergansers, 6 Horned Grebes, 10 Eastern Bluebirds.
     Big Mesa - N. Mockingbird, 4 Eur. Collared Doves.
     Pecos north of I-40 - 2 Stellar's Jays.
     Sandia Crest - 2 Black, 2 Gray-cr., 1 Brown-cpd. Rosy Finch.

Sunday, 1/13:

     Sandia Crest -  100 Rosy Finches (3-4 Hepburns, 15 Gray-cr., 10 Brown-cpd., 70 Black).
     Tijeras Creek (at Public School Rd. bridge) - Swamp Sparrow.
     Bosque del Apache - Harris' Hawk

'020119.  On Saturday John Parmeter and I started birding at Percha Dam State Park.  We then looked at ag fields south of percha, Caballo Lake, Animas Flats, Elephant Butte Lake, Rock Canyon Marina, North Monticello Point, Bosque del Apache, and my house.  I later looked at Isleta Marsh and along Sandia Crest road.  On Sunday morning I flew to Sand Diego where I spent time birding at Shelter Island, the Flood Control Channel, Kendall-Frost Marsh, Bird Rock, La Jolla Cove, and the Carrol Canyon Cemetary.

Saturday, 1/19:

     Percha - Dusky Flycatcher, Red-br. Nuthatch, r. Merlin, 
     Animas Flats - 3 White-ftd. Geese, Long-bld Curlew (broken wing).
     TorC - Osprey
     Rock Canyon Marina - 1w Thayer's Gull.
     Bosque del Apache - Eastern Phoebe, Com. Moorhen, Tundra Swan, 2 Great Egrets.
     Luis Lopez - 2 E. Collared Doves.
     Sandia Crest Rd (mp5) - Saw Whet Owl.

Sunday, 1/20:

     SD Flood Control Channel - Reddish Egret.
     Kendall-Frost Marsh - Little Blue Heron
     La Jolla Cove - Peregrine Falcon.

'020124.  While home at lunch found a Curve-bld. Thrasher had taken an interest in my wood pile.  On the way back to work, noted that there were no gulls at the dump.

'020125-27.  I spent Friday evening owling on the way north, looking at Monistary Lake (Pecos), Las Vegas, Watrous, Valmora, and Shoemaker.  I spent the night at Las Vegas.  On Saturday I started birding (owling) at Springer and Sugarite Park.  I then looked at Raton, Johnson Mesa, Folsom, the Dry Cimmaron Valley, OK, Clayton Lake, and the fields east of Clayton, and Clayton Lake (owling).  I spent the night in Clayton.  On Sunday I started birding my way south, Union Co. working roads along the TX border down to Amistad, then looking at Ute lake, Tucumcari Lake, Santa Rosa on the way back to Albuquerque.

Friday, 1/25:

     Shoemaker - Western Screech Owl

Saturday, 1/26:

     Yankee - 350 Wild Turkeys.
     Folsom - (NM-456/mp14) - N. Shrike.
     Clayton Lake - 7 White-ftd. Geese, 4 Snow Geese, 1 Ross' Goose.
     Fields east of Clayton - Rough-l. Hawk, fe.r.Merlin, Western Screech Owl (half mile below the dam).

Sunday, 1/27:

     Sedan area- 2 Savannah Sparrows, Merlin, 2 Eur. Collared Doves, Ladder-bkd. Woodpecker.
     1/2 mile west of Perkins and Lobb Rds. - Pyrrhuloxia.
     Ute Lake - 1 Horned Grebe.
     Pecos north of I-40 in Santa Rosa - Stellar's Jay.


Field Notes: February, 2002

20202-03.   John Parmeter, Lane Leckman and I started birding at Pancho Villa S.P.  We then looked at the Carzilia Valley, along Luna road C003, at the Deming sewage ponds, at Mountain View Cemetery, at the Lake Valley, the Percha Creek bridge west of Hilsboro, Rock Canyon Marina, North Monticello Point, and Bosque del Apache.  I spent the night at Socorro.  On Sunday I started birding (owling) at Aragon, Apache Creek, Reserve, and Rancho Grande.  After sunrise, I looked at Glenwood, Alma, Saliz Pass, Rancho Grande, Reserve, Horse Springs, and the Plains of San Augustin.

Saturday, 2/2:

     Pancho Villa - Long-e. Owl.
     Columbus - Eur. Collared Dove.
     Luna C003 (starting 2 mi. so of end of pavement) - 6 Harris' Hawks.
     Percha Creek bridge - 2 Black-ch. Sparrows.
     Rock Canyon Marina - Thayer's Gull
     Bosque del Apache - Great Egret.

Sunday, 2/3:

     Glenwood - 10 White-w. Doves, Bridled Titmouse, Empidonax sp. (whitting), 2 Phainopepla, Inca Dove, White-thtd. Sparrow (white stripes).
     Alma - Phainopepla
     Apache Creek - Long-bld. Marsh Wren.

'20209-10.  On Saturday John Parmeter, Lane Leckman and I started birding at the Portales sewage plant outflow about 1.5 miles southeast of the sewage plant.  We then looked at Portales, William's Playa, Texico, the Melrose Trap, Bosque Redondo, Sumner Lake, Puerto de Luna, Power Dam Park, Santa Rosa, and the Green Chaparral Turf Ranch.  I spent the night at Socorro.  On Sunday I started birding (owling) at Hatch to Las Cruces and Mesilla.  I then looked alng NM-549 from Akela Flats to Deming, Pecan Park, the Deming sewage ponds, the pond east of Nm-11 on Camino Doce, back to Pecan Park, Mountain View Cemetery, along NM-26 from Nutt to Hilsboro, Hilsboro, and Rock Canyon Marina.  Birds of interest:

Saturday, 2/9:

     Portales Sewage pond outflow - Rusty Blackbird
     Portales - 2 Eur. Collared Doves.
     Puerto de Luna - 12 Sage Thrashers
     Power Dam Park - 5 Eastern Bluebirds.

Sunday, 2/10:

     NM-549 10 miles east of Deming - American Crow.
     Pond on Camino Doce - Eastern Phoebe.
     NM26/mp24 (3.5 miles east of Nutt) - Rough-l. Hawk.
     Hilsboro - 10 Inca Doves.
     Rock Canyon Marina - 1w Thayer's Gull.

'020216-17.    On Saturday John Parmeter and I started birding at the tribal lakes at San Juan Pueblo.  We then looked along the Rio Grande Gorge north to Embudo, at the Tribal ponds again, at the marsh behind Big Rock Casino, at the Tribal ponds again, at Santa Fe Ski Basin, at the Rio Grande Nature Center, and at the Rio Grande Oxbow.  I spent the night at Albuquerque.  On Sunday I started birding (owling) at Las Lunas and Willie Chaves Park, then looked along NM6 to the Cibola Line, spending time around Suwanee.  I then looked at residential Belen, Jarales, Bosque, Veguita, La Jolla, and returned to Turn and the bosque north of Bosque Bridge.  In the evening I spent a little time at Bosque Bridge (owling).  Birds of interest:

Saturday, 2/16:

     San Juan Tribal Lakes - 4 Wood Ducks.
     San Juan Pueblo (s. end of Fish Pond Rd.) - 1 male Eastern Bluebird, Ring-n. Pheasant.
     Embudo Station - male Barrow's Goldeneye.
     Embudo bridge - Amer. Dipper.
     Velarde - 5 Lewis' Woodpecker, Ring-n. Pheasant.
     Big Rock Marsh - Long-bld. Marsh Wren.
     Santa Fe Ski Basin - 2 Gray Jays.
     Rio Grande Nature Center - male Greater Scaup.

Sunday, 2/17:

     Las Lunas Bosque - 2 Great Horned Owl.
     Suwanee - Sage Sparrow
     Veguita - 2 Eastern Bluebirds, White-thtd. Sparrow.
     Turn & bosque north east of Bosque Bridge - c. Merlin, Red-sh. Hawk.

'020222-24.   On Friday I looked at Veguita, Turn, and Rio Communities.  On Saturday, John Parmeter, Lane Leckman and I started birding at Maxwell NWR looking at lakes 12 and 13.  We then looked at Stubblefield Lake, Cimmaron, Eagle Nest, Angle Fire, Taos, San Juan Pueblo lakes, and the San Ildelfonso irrigation pond.  On Sunday, I started birding by owling from Emory Pass to Mimbres.  I then looked at Lake Roberts, Spirit Canyon Lodge, Lake Roberts, Gray Feathers Lodge, the Tyrone sewage ponds, Mangus Spring, Bill Evans Lake, Pleasonton, Glenwood, Rancho Grande, Reserve, Horse Spring, and Datil.

Friday, 2/22:

     Veguita - 2 Eastern Bluebirds (different from last week's)
     Rio Communities - 4 Eur. Collared Doves, 10 Lesser Goldfinch, 2 N. Mockingbirds, 3 Cedar Waxwings.
     Las Maravillas Park - Ring-n. Duck.

Saturday, 2/23:

     Maxwell, Lake #12 - 5 Tundra Swans.
     Cimmaron - 4 Eastern Bluebirds.
     Velarde - Lewis' Woodpecker.
     San Ildelfonso Pueble - Hairy Woodpecker.

Sunday, 2/24:

     Spirit Canyon Lodge - male Harris' Sparrow.
     Lake Roberts - ad. Bald Eagle, ad. N. Goshawk.
     Tyrone Sewage Ponds - 3 Greater Scaup (1 imm male, 1 female)
     Glenwood - 2 Mexican Jay, Empidonax, sp.
     Magdalena - 2 Eur. Collared Doves.

Appendix B

Photo log

As usual, I have included video footage to help document records. Video was taken using the sports setting (1/250 sec. exposure with auto stopping) with a Sony TRV-320 digital video camera.  Some single frame video is included. The video is often taken through my Kowa TSN-4 scope or binoculars to get an effective focal length of several meters.

Video Tape

Red-thtd. Loon, Willow Lake, 12/1/01 (VF)
Long-tld. Duck, Lake Avalon, 12/1/01 (VF)
Am. Dipper, Power Dam Park, 12/22/01 (VF)
Stellar's Jay, Puerto de Luna, 12/22/01 (VF)
N. Cardinal, Puerto de Luna, 12/22/01 (VF)
Pyrrhuloxia, Albuquerque, 12/24/01 (VF)
Lesser Black-backed Gull, Sunland Park, 12/25-26/01 (VF)
Thayer's Gull, Socorro dump, 1/3/02 (VF)
Harris' Hawk, BAR, 1/4/02, 1/8/02 (VF)
American Dipper, Tularosa, 1/6/02 (VF)
Thayer's Gull, Rock Canyon, 1/19/02 (VF)
Pyrrhuloxia, Sedan, 1/27/02 (VF)
Harris' Sparrow, LLH, 1/29/02 (VF)
Harris', Sparrow, Luis Lopez, 1/30/02 (VF)
Aplomado Falcon, 2/2/02 (VF)
Rusty Blackbird, Portales, 2/9, (VF)
E. Phoebe, Deming, 2/10/02, (VF)
Red-sh. Hawk, Turn, 2/17/02 (VF)
Harris' Sparrow, Lake Roberts, 2/24/02, (VF)
Greater Scaup, Tyrone, 2/24/02, (VF)

Appendix C

Other interesting things

It was warm enough on 1/8 that a small bat  (6-8" wingspan) was out foraging at BAR in the late evening

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