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                                                                                   The boys of 1861 
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The Olde Colony Civil War Round Table is a non-profit organization and we have incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and we are also a Federal tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization.

Our group studies the history of the American Civil War. We focus on learning and discussing Civil War history. We further get involved in preserving C.W. sites, researching C.W. history and writing C.W. articles. We are the largest Civil War Round Table in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with over 100+ members. Our regular meeting is usually on a Thursday night on the third week of the month at 7:30 p.m. Prominent Civil War Guest Speakers have been invited to address our group.

Our meetings are open to the public for free. We always welcome new members to join us. Our membership is open to anyone of any Race, Creed, or Color. An interest in the American Civil War is the only qualification necessary to join the organization, and both Northern and Southern sentiments are welcome. It doesn't matter whether you are "just beginning to learn" or a "veteran of many years" on the subject, we welcome you all. Our group came from all walks of lives, and each member brings in different depth of knowledge in C.W. history. Annual membership dues are $20 for individuals and $25 for families. Anyone who is interested to join us, please e-mail to Paula Cunningham (taraatgww@yahoo.com), or phone (508) 823-7208 Each member will also receive our monthly Newsletter, THE CAMPAIGN. Half an hour before the meeting, at around 7 p.m., we have CW book sales, and the proceed will go to CW Preservation. The meeting will start at 7:30 p.m. After the talk, we serve light refreshment during the socializing hour.

The name Olde Colony originally referred to the Plimoth Plantation colony, the first successful and continuous settlement of the English speaking people in North America, and subsequently its towns spread around and expanded beyond Plimoth. The towns collectively are known as South Shore today, where most of our members came from.

What is a Civil War Round Table?

A gathering of those interested in the Civil War. Some members have an intense interest in the study of various aspects of the war, some devoted to research, some to collecting. Most members have a dedicated interest and enjoy reading, touring and listening to the presentations. The only criteria required to become a member is to have an interest in the Civil War. Both Northern and Southern sentiments are welcome. CWRTs were started in the Chicago area in around 1940s. There are Round Tables all over the country, several in New England. Some memberships are in the hundreds and some have only a dozen. Most have scheduled monthly meetings except during the summer months. Many have a dinner meeting or two and a Battlefield Tour scheduled. While there is no central organization for these Round Tables, a good relationship exists with all. Many swap newsletters and speakers. Some members belong to several Round Tables.

Olde Colony has many years of operation. We started with nine chartered members and now have over one hundred. Of the nine founders, five were past presidents of other Round Tables that wanted one started on the South Shore. We have members from all walks of life, and cities and towns from Lynn to Nantucket and even one member from Maryland. With few exceptions, we meet monthly on the Third Thursday of the Month. We are currently meeting (most months) at the Endicott Estate, Dedham. We have a variety of speakers and subjects at our meetings. One member runs an inexpensive bus tour each spring. In the past we have gone to Gettysburg for "Two Days on the Fields of Gettysburg with Ed Bearss" (the premier Civil War guide). We also have a monthly newsletter, The Campaign.

All in all, Olde Colony Civil War Round Table makes for a very informative yet informal evening once a month. Please join us at our next meeting, I think you'll enjoy it.

David J. Kenney, Former President

Official address

Official address:

Richard Campagna, President 
102 Pratt Ave.,
Dedham, MA 02026
Phone: (781) 326-2073
Officers: For the term from 9/2009 to 6/2011

President: Richard Campagna (rjcampagna@comcast.net)
Vice-President: Gordon Kwok (gordoncwrt@gmail.com)
Treasurer: Open 
Secretary : Gail Dugan (g33d33@hotmail.com)
Membership Chair: Paula Cunningham (taraatgww@yahoo.com
Editor: Paul Griffel (gengibbon@comcast.net

Executive Board

Joseph Scalia (jpscalia@comcast.net) (Executive Board Chairman)
Robert Hall (occwrt@aol.com) 
Gail Dugan
Bob Hearsey (puffinpeople@comcast.net)
Jack H. Flynn Jr.
Joseph H. Geden
Gordon Kwok 
Martha Horsefield (mrhorsefield@aol.com)  
Barbara Magruder (barbara.magruder@globalam.natixis.com)
Peter McDonough (peter.mcdonough2@verizon.net)
Joseph Donovan (joagdonovan@msn.com)
Dr. Charles Smallwood (smacwds@comcast.net)
Richard Ferranti (fernel@prodigy.net)
Margaret Sullivan
Paul Griffel (gengibbon@comcast.net)
Dave Sheldon (dssdds@msn.com)

Chairman (or Chairperson, or Chair)

Program Chair: Joseph Scalia (jpscalia@comcast.net)
Editor: Paul Griffel (gengibbon@comcast.net)
Webmaster: Gordon Kwok
Jubilee Banquet Chair: Co-chair Dana Zaiser and Co-chair Gail Dugan
Jubilee Banquet Ticketmaster: Rich Campagna (rjcampagna@comcast.net)
Preservation Chair: Dana Zaiser  (Dzaiser1.aol.com)
Book-sale Chair: Dave Sheldon (dssdds@msn.com)
Refreshment Committee Chair: Barbara Magruder (barbara.magruder@globalam.natixis.com)
        member, Jim Driscoll (jsdcad@juno.com)
Sergeant at Arms : John Forbes 
Color Sergeant: John Forbes  
Revere Award Chair: Co-chair Martha Horsefield and Co-chair Gordon Kwok
Publicity Chair: Brian Murphy (bmurphy@ci.norwood.ma.us)
Research Chair: Joseph H. Geden
Raffle Chair: Gail Dugan
Welcoming Committee Chair: Joe Donovan
Election Nomination Chair: Chaired by Martha Horsefield & with Rob Wilcox (ferrariboston7@yahoo.com) & Chuck Fazio
Scholarship Coordinator: Peter McDonough
Picnic Chair: Jack McDonough (leegrant@comcast.net


Abraham Linclon Bicentennial Commission of Massachusetts

Olde Colony Civil War Round Table former President Bob Hall (2007-2009 term) was appointed as one of the 16 members of the above Commission to undertake commemorative education programs, public forums and arts projects in 2009 by the Massachusetts Governor.

Civil War News featured our OCCWRT twice

Civil War News featured our OCCWRT twice (and many other times subsequently.)

On the October 2005 issue, Civil War News featured our OCCWRT on our compiling a list of Civil War Round Table (CWRT) in the United States and around the world, as a valuable resource for researching CWRT. Many CW readers had emailed the webmaster and affirmed the value of this web site.

The other article was the interview of our ex-president Dave Kenney on our Round Table, printed on the second article of the Civil War Round Table Review column in 2004.

 " The Campaign "
The OCCWRT  monthly newsletter is paid for through the annual dues and sent to all members with news of upcoming meetings and other news of interest about the Civil War.
Past Editor -- Charlie Lowe
Past Editor -- David J. Kenney, Jr.
Past Editor -- Robert D. Hall, Jr.
Current Editor -- Paul Griffel  

President Emeritus
President Emeritus -- David J. Kenney, Jr.
The Olde Colony Civil War Round Table presented a special Award to David in the December 10, 2009 meeting.
The plaque said:
To honor and recognize


the Olde Colony Civil War Round Table

acknowledges with deep appreciation his dedicated
and outstanding service as its first President
from 1994 to 2005. He is a charter founder and has served
as Editor of the "Campaign" for many years.
The OCCWRT has also named David
                PRESIDENT EMERITUS 
                                in perpetuity.

Presidents of the Olde Colony Civil War Round Table
Past President: David J. Kenney, Jr. (First President)
Past President: Joseph Scalia
Past President: Robert D. Hall, Jr.
Current President: Richchard Campagna 

September 2009 to August 2010 scheduled program

September 2009 to August 2010

Book sales (proceed goes to Civil War Preservation Fund) started at 7:00 p.m. Meeting started at 7:30 p.m.

September 17, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. (Thursday), at Endicott Estate, 656 East Street, Dedham, MA (Exit 14 off Route 128.)
Featured Speaker: Author Mark H. Dunkelman from the Rhode Island Civil war Round Table, on "Gettysburg's Unknown Soldier". Mark had served as President and Webmaster in the Rhode Island Civil war Round Table. and had spoke in our OCCWRT at least twice.
Mini-bit: Member Bob Hearsey on "Who is the guy behind those sideburns?"  
October 8, 2009, cocktail at 6:00 p.m. (Thursday), Jubilee Dinner. Meeting at Lombardo's Restaurant, Scanlon Drive, Randolph MA. (Route #128, exit 28 South)
Featured Guest Speaker, Dr. Michael Burlingame, noted author and the May Buckley Sadowski Professor of History Emeritus at Connecticut College 
Topic: "Abraham Lincoln New Findings, Fresh Perspectives."
Jubilee Chair: Co-chair Dana Zaiser and Co-chair Gail Dugan
Jubilee Banquet Ticket price: $30.00 per person.
Banquet tickets may be purchased from Richard Campagna, at 102 Pratt Ave., Dedham, MA 02026 or call
(781) 326-2073
No tickets would be sold at door. Cocktails Hour 6:00 p.m. Seated at 7:00 p.m. Dinner served at 7:30 p.m.
Huge Raffle will take place (proceed goes to Civil War Preservation).
Presentation of the Revere Award
Exhibits / Artifact collections! And many more!
November 19, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. (Thursday), at Endicott Estate, 656 East St. Dedham MA (Exit 14 off Route 128.)
Featured Speaker: Member Steve Adamson, Round Table discussions on "Lincoln's Critics." 
Mini-bit: Member Gail Dugan on "Jeb Stuart" 
December 10, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. (Thursday), at Endicott Estate, 656 East St., Dedham, MA (Exit 14 off Route 128.)
"Special Holiday Meeting" ---
Minibit #1: Member Brian Murphy on "A Civil War Christmas".
Minibit #2: Show and Tell: Member Steve Adamson on: TBA 
Round Table Discussions
A voluntary $10.00 value Holiday Civil War gift grab (must be CW related)--- bring one, get one!
Special Holiday Refreshment Table.
January 21, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. (Thursday), at Endicott Estate, 656 East St., Dedham, MA (Exit 14 off Route 128.)
Featured Speaker: Guest Speaker David Stewart on "Impeached"
Mini-bit: Member Rob Wilcox on "Sam Houston." 
February 18, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. (Thursday), at Endicott Estate, 656 East St., Dedham, MA (Exit 14 off Route 128.) Featured speaker: Member Steve Member Steve Adamson on "The Republican and the Radical." 
Mini-bit: Member Joe Shea on "To the Gates of Richmond." 
March 19, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. (Thursday), at Endicott Estate, 656 East St., Dedham, MA (Exit 14 off Route 128.)
Featured Speaker: Member Ed Simonds on Round Table Discussion on "Lincoln Lagacy." 
Mini-bit: J. Tracy on "A Failed Occupation." 
April 15, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. (Thursday), at Endicott Estate. 656 East St., Dedham, MA (Exit 14 off Route 128.)
Featured speaker: Member Paul Griffel on "Joe Hooker and John Barleycorn." 
Mini-bit: Jim Fitzgerald on "Baseball in the Civil War." 
May 20, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. (Thursday), at Endicott Estate. 656 East St., Dedham, MA (Exit 14 off Route 128.)
Featured speaker: TBA
Mini-bit: Member Bob Schipp on "Sherman in the Valley." 
June Picnic ---- 
This year's annual meeting and picnic will be held at the Daniels Farmstead in Blackstone MA http://www.danielsfarmstead.org/ on Saturday, June 19th 2010 
There will be a "Civil War Reenactment" with Confederate and Union camps, a field hospital, and a civilian reenactment group occupying their Town of Unity.  It will include the 23rd MA Field hospital, cavalry, civilian camp, post office, chaplin tent, tavern, families with the 25th and 12th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, and New England Brigade.
Grounds open at 11:00am, sorry no pets allowed
The battle will take place at 1:30pm 
Doris's Kitchen will be open for Hot Dogs, Burgers, and Sausage w/ Peppers & Onions. 
Note:  The Foundation would prefer we purchase food inside at a minimal cost, all proceeds go to the preservation of the Farmstead.  Although if you have dietary restrictions, you may bring your own food, but please try to be discreet about it.
Parking will be at the Blackstone Milllville Regional High School at 275 Lincoln St.  Shuttle buses will be running back and forth all day.
Admission charges are $6.00 for adults and $4.00 for seniors.
Portable toilets will be available. 
As you enter the main gate go straight behind the main white house.  That's where you will find the OCCWRT table, banner, tent with fly,                 crossed Confederate and Union flags, and Paula Cunningham dressed in southern era clothing!  We invite any other members to come in dress or uniform of the era of the Civil War.  Susanne Toomey will be part of the civilian population of the Town of Unity.
We think the Daniels Farmstead will be a great spot.  They have the main white farm house, barn, cider mill, chicken coop, corn crib, cisterns,         wells, and the best of all a 30 yard grass lane between two stone walls with large fields on either side.  A great site for a CW reenactment battle!
NOTE:  We are going to try to put together a set of directions that although may be longer (a one hour's drive), it will bring you right to the high         school parking lot and avoid a lot of lefts and rights, and the traffic in front of the farmstead to get to the high school parking  lot.  Stay tuned!     
Of course you can use Google Maps, Map Quest, or your own GPS.
Hope you can all come,
Paula Cunningham
Rich Campagna
Here is the set of directions I was talking about it in my previous email below.  Unfortunately it also contains lefts and rights, but it does take you right to the school parking lot:
Take 95 south to 295 south (exit 4), then take 146 (exit 9B) towards Woonsocket/Worcester, take the Slatersville Road exit and go right about a 1/3 of a mile and take a left onto St. Paul Street.  Take St. Paul Street all the way to the end and take a left onto Main Street, go about a 1/3 of a mile and take a right onto Mendon Road.  Follow Mendon Road about 1/2 mile and take a right onto Lincoln Street, the Blackstone-Millville Regional School will be on your right.
Although their website says they open at 11am, Paulette Boyko at the Farmstead, has told us they will be open at 9am.
I expect to be there between 11am and 12pm.  
Hope you can all come.
Paula Cunningham
Rich Campagna
End of the year's program. Summer breaks.

Next year's program will start on September 2010.

Recipients of the Olde Colony Civil War Preservation Fund

*APCWS, the Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites (old name)---on preserving Brandy Station.
*SHAF (Save Historic Antietam Foundation).
*Ed Bearss Fund, via BGES (Blue and Gray Educational Society).
*Scholarship Fund at the Gettysburg College---the Civil War Institute.
*Joshua Chamberlain House in Brunswick, Maine.
*Clara Barton's House at North Oxford, Mass.
*Rockland, Mass, G.A.R. building restoration.
*Captain Forbes Museum in Milton, Mass., for the preservation of an original oil painting on the Battle of Monitor and Merrimack.
*Civil War Round Table Associates---Heritagepac.
*Preservation of a statue of a Civil War soldier in Milton, Mass. (on Joe Ciano's recommendation).
*Friends of the Borderland Park, Inc. (The Ames Mansion hosted General Ben. Butler and his son-in-law General Adelbert Ames {who was the superior of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain of 20th Maine} Civil War artifacts).
*The Bennet-Forbes House in Milton, Mass. --- to restore Lincoln's Flag.
*Fix up the Civil War Memorial in the Village Cementery in Dedham, Mass. --- Jim Driscoll applied and received an outside grant, all by himself, to do this preservation project.
*Endicott Estate, Dedham, MA --- our monthly meeting location.
*Town of Norwood, MA, on a project to restore a GAR Civil War painting at their Memorial Hall in the Town Hall.
*Norton Public Library, MA, on a project to preserve and rebind a two-volume set, Record of the Massachusetts Volunteers 1861-1865.
*National Park Service at Gettysburg, PA will use our donation to do preservation work on the 11th Mass. Monument in Gettysburg.
*Dyer Memorial Library, Abington, MA on (1) book binding: the "General Index and Additions and Corrections" volumes of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies; and (2) Photograph preservation of Rev. Jesse H. Jones by Purdy, Civil War veteran from N.Y. State.
*Dartmouth Veterans' Memorial Park, MA, Civil War Monument of Capt. David L. Gifford.
*Waterloo Library & Historical Society, Memorial Day Museum, NY----The preservation of Civil War document of General Murray.
*CWPT (Civil War Preservation Trust).
*Central Mass Civil War Round Table on their Memorial Plaque .
*Dyer Memorial Library in Abington. MA (third donation).
*Heritage Plantation and Museum, Sandwich, MA.
*MetroSouth Chamber of Commerce in Brockton, MA, for the restoration, cleaning and repair (a hand) of a Civil War Statute in Perkin's Park (located at N. Main & Pleasant).
*Donate 12 books, Patriotic Civil War Tokens, written by George & Melvin Fuld, published by the Civil War Token Society, to local libraries for preservation purpose.
*Contribute money to replace the broken arm with sword (by vandals) of the 11th Mass. statue in the Gettysburg Battlefield National Park, 3/06.
*Preservation of Daniel Lady Farm in Gettysburg.
*Needham Historical Society
*SHAF (Save Historic Antietam Foundation), the second time.
*Dyer Memorial Library in Abington. MA (fourth donation) ---- OC member Jack Zeletsky donated 3 missing volumes plus the index volume of the Southern Historical Society Papers so that Dyer would have a complete set.
*Major repair of the gravestone of General James L. Bates who served with the 12th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. He attained the rank of brevet Brigadier General (after the war-- 1869). The KMH Monument Co. of Braintree completed the work on the gravestone at Highland Cemetary in Weymouth, MA.
*Donate preservation fund to Fort Taber, New Bedford, MA, in the name and in Memory of our Olde Colony CWRT member, Calvin Wright, September 2008.
*Pledge preservation fund to the Providence Public Library on repairing a memorandum book of the medical director of Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond, Virgina, a facility built to service the needs of the Confederate Army.
*Donate a substantial amount of fund to the Medford Historical Society (MA) for preserving their rare Civil War photographs, to be uploaded in their web site and to be shared with the public in the internet. (2009)

The Revere Award recipients


The Revere Award: The Olde Colony Civil War Round Table established The Revere Award in 1999, to be awarded to a person who had made significant contribution to the study of the American Civil War and to the Olde Colony Civil War Round Table. The Award is a magnificent 8-inch diameter Reed & Barton engraved silver plated bowl, or, pewter bowl, presented in the names of the brothers, Colonel Paul Joseph Revere and Assistant Surgeon Edward Hutchinson Robbins Revere, who gave up their lives serving in the 20th Mass., the Harvard Regiment, for their Country. They were the grandsons of the Revolutionary War hero, Midnight Rider Paul Revere.

Colonel Paul Joseph Revere was fatally wounded in the battle of Gettysburg on July 2, 1863, while leading his regiment to battle, and died on July 4, 1863. Assistant Surgeon Edward Hutchinson Robbins Revere died in the battle of Antietam on September 17, 1862, while tending the wound of a soldier.

The Revere Award recipients

The First 1999 Revere Award recipient : William J. Bernache
Olde Colony CWRT Founding Member, Treasurer, Program Chair and Tourmeister.

The 2000 Revere Award recipient : David J. Kenney
Olde Colony CWRT Founding Member, Editor and President.

The 2001 Revere Award recipient : Edwin C. Bearss
Chief Historian emeritus of the National Park Service, author and a Respected Authority on the American Civil War.

The 2002 Revere Award recipient : Robert Hall
Olde Colony CWRT Founding Member, Vice President, Chairman/ Coordinator of CSN Edward J. Johnston's disinterment, from Ft. Warren/Devens, MA, back to Fernandina, FL.

The 2003 Revere Award recipient : Joseph H. Geden
Olde Colony CWRT Founding Member, Board member, Jubilee Banquet Ticketmaster, Election Nomination Chair and our "Confederate Admiral."

The 2004 Revere Award recipient : Robert Mooney
Olde Colony CWRT Member, Nantucket Leading Historian, Author of many Histories of Nantucket and the Civil War, member of Mass. Board of Library Commissioners, past President of Board of Trustees of the Nantucket Atheneum, served in Mass. House of Representatives and Assistant District Attorny, held degrees from Holy Cross College and Harvard Law School, featured speaker on numerous Civil War subjects.

2005, no Revere Award given.

The 2006 Revere Award recipient : Gordon Kwok
Olde Colony CWRT Member, Secretary, Webmaster, Revere Award Co-Chair, Scholarship Committee member and researcher on the Chinese serving in the American Civil War.

The 2007 Revere Award recipients : C. Peter Jorgensen & Kathryn Jorgensen
Editor and Publisher of the Civil War News
The 2008 Revere Award recipient :  Joseph Scalia is our OCCWRT past President, current Program Chair and Chairman of our Executive Board.
The 2009 Revere Award recipient :  Dana Zaiser is our OCCWRT Preservation Chair and Jubilee Banquet Chair.
The 2010 Revere Award recipient (to be presented in October) :  Martha Horsefield, our OCCWRT Revere Award Co-Chair and Election Nomination Chair.

Olde Colony members who were Feature Speakers in our past Civil War meetings

Steven C. Adamson
Bill Bernache
Don Beurman
Bob Borden
Peter Chace
Joe Ciano
Joe Conley
Lois Davis
Chuck Fazio
Joe Geden
Paul Griffel
Bob Hall
Jack Kelly
Gordon Kwok
Charles Lawrence
Tom Leary
Dudley Letson III
Gerald Lucas
Andy Macomber
Franklin H. Miller  
Richard F. Miller
Bob Mooney
Brian Murphy
Ruth Nickerson
Mary Pearl
Michael Saks
Peter Siebert
Ed. Simonds
Charles Smallwood
Calvin Wright
Jack Zeletsky

William J. Bernache --- Olde Colony Civil War Round Table Scholarship


The Old Colony Civil War Round Table contributed an annual scholarship in the name of William J. Bernache to the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg

College to a High School student from Massachusetts or from New England, to study Civil War. The Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College presents a week-long program each summer during the last week of June and includes lectures, battlefield tours, films and other special activities. The CWI has sponsored this Institute since 1983, Scholarships to attend the annual Civil War Institute are available for high school juniors and high school history teachers.

A full scholarship covers a shared dorm room, board and tuition. The purpose of this scholarship is to promote education and interest on Civil War study to the High School students. We have sponsored this worthy cause annually since 2001.

Recipient of the William J. Bernache --- Olde Colony Civil War Round Table Scholarship

The 2001 recipient: Andrew Gerst, Newton High School, MA.

The 2002 recipient: Meghan Phillips, East Bridgewater High School, MA

The 2003 recipient: Ashley Whitehead, Phillips Academy in Andover, MA.

The 2004 recipient: Caitlin Zito from Niantic, CT (Connecticut).

The 2005 recipient: Kate Martin, St. Mark's School in Southborough, MA.

The 2006 recipient: Ryan Rosiello, West Boylston High School, West Boylston, MA.

The 2007 recipient: Leah Norris, Auburn High School, Auborn, MA.

The 2008 recipient: Mathew Rogers, Rumford High School, Rumford, RI (Rhode Island).

The 2009 recipient: Nicholas Cody, Brewster High School, Brewster, NY (New York).

The 2010 recipient: Samuel Gilvarg, Framingham High School, Framingham, MA. 


Collectors' Corner

Bob Hearsey had exhibited his vast CW collection with different themes on many occasions.
Chuck Fazio had exhibited his CW rifles and sabers collection several times.
Peter Chace (petelouann@aol.com) had exhibited his CW rifles, pistols and cavalry saddles collection.
Peter McDonough made his model CW cannons from scratch (with museum quality).

Research Topics

Joe Geden on Confederate Navy.
Bill Hickey on Fifth Mass. Light Artillery Regiment.
Jack Zeletsky on Fort Warren, George's Island, Boston Harbor, Mass.
Gordon Kwok on Chinese Serving in the American Civil War. http://sites.google.com/site/accsacw/
Robert Hall on Irish Brigade and the Invasion of Canada.

The Peace Bell

In around Sept. 1995, Executive Board member Bob Hall presented the Peace Bell to our President, Dave Kenney. This hand held bell was used by the Town Crier in Boston to herald the surrender at Appomattox following the War. The bell was presented to Post #200 of the Grand Army of the Republic and it was used to open their meetings until they disbanded. Mr. Hall presented the Bell to Olde Colony to be used to open our meetings. Dave Kenney and each succeeding President will be the caretaker of the Bell.

A List of Civil War Round Table websites


The webmaster's other website

Association to commemorate the Chinese serving in the American Civil War (accsacw)
My Civil War Essays

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