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Cosa Nostra and Pawn

  • Do they sound familiar?
  • Are there others?
  • Did you produce them?

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Here's what we have of them:
If they appear fuzzy it's beacuse they are still downloading, be patient.
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Cosa Nostra,
Issue 1
— Editors: Bill Seaman, Nick Hopewell-­­Smíth, Ben Sunderland,
Sal Pollard, Dan Wainwright, Sheryl Wade,
Mike Bennett, Stefan Bogdanovic
Adam Campbell, Richard Prince.

Copyright unknown.
(Thanks to UEA Roger Deakin Archive (Bridget Gillies) for this copy in Jan 2012).

Poetry, poems, poetry and some peoms ...

Open mag lo
5M and 18 pages.

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Cosa Nostra 1


Cosa Nostra (special punk issue),
Issue 4
— Editor Anthea Bloom.  Produced in mid 1970s 1976 1977 (?): after much deliberation we've settled on Christmas 1977.
Copyright unknown.
(Thanks to Mark Robinson for this copy in Jan 2012).

Fiction !
Facts !
Faces and ..... Places !

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wer-quality 4.5M, loads quicker.
 higher-quality 9M

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 Mag Cosa Nostra

Pawn, Iss 1 —  spring 1982. Copyright unknown.
(Thanks to Ed Mark Robinson for this copy in Jan 2012).
Poems !
Views !
Reviews !
Humour !

9M.  Some of the original copy is quite faded resulting in a poorer digital copy.

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Mag Pawn

Have YOU got a better copy or some others?

There may be a copyright issue with these magazines, the Old Dyssean Society has no intent to defraud.  These magazines were produced by pupils at Diss Grammar School. The school is closed and has been demolished.  The ODS would be pleased to gain copyright permisson from  anyone who can grant it. 

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