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Officers & Committee

For the 2015-16 year.

Officers ...

  • President
     Reginald Wright 
  • Vice President & Founder
     Dennis Meadows (RIP)
  • Chairman
     Basil Abbott 
  • Secretary
    Kath Bass (nee Pipe)
    to contact the secretary directly see Contacts and Feedback menu item on the left hand side
  • Assistant secretary
    Trish Newman (nee Snowden)
  • Treasurer
     Simon Bass
  • Social secretary
     Ann Lorne (nee Thrower)
  • Magazine production
     Kath Bass and Nigel Barber 
  • Web and social media
     Seth Reeder

Committee ...  

  • George Baczkowski 
  • Ken Johnston 
  • Peter Thrower 

DGS stripe