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Society Closure.

posted 19 Oct 2017, 02:52 by Seth REEDER   [ updated 19 Oct 2017, 03:10 ]
At our committee meeting on 5th August 2017 the decision was taken to propose that this year's REUNION on Monday 18th September and our Christmas Lunch on Tuesday 5th December be THE LAST such events.   A final closing party of THE OLD DYSSEAN SOCIETY in its current form would then be held early next year (2018) possibly at Easter time. (extract from The Old Dyssean, Issue 34, August 2017, page 2).

At the AGM on 18th September 2017 the society took the decision to dissolve itself.  A replacement 'lunch club' will be discussed at the Christmas Dinner event on Tuesday 5th Dec 2017.  Please forward any ideas to the secretary.

This manifestation of the Old Dyssean Society was formed in 1998 by Dennis Meadows ( RIP (8th Jul 2017)), who was our Vice-President.

I (Seth Reeder DGS 1962-67) shall endeavour to maintain this website in association with the Facebook Group 'Diss Grammar School' and would encourage people to join that group.  I would also encourage the FaceBook group to assist any Old Dyssean who does not have access to modern technology.