Old Down Hall

The community hall located on Old Down.

Dandelions Pre-School

Charity operating the pre-school at Old Down Hall.

Incredible Edible North Hampshire

This is a food growing campaign begun in Hatchwarren and modelled on Todmorden where people

grow food in public places for anyone to pick.

The aim is to grow more fresh food locally and to encourage others to become involved by also growing food for the public to pick.

Basingstoke Transition Network

Grassroots community groups are growing in Basingstoke & Deane in pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Basingstoke Transition Network now acts as the focal point for these community groups to work together.

If you are a community group focused on sustainable living and trying to build support for your project do not hesitate to contact this or any other group in the network.

Conservation Organisations

High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

In particular select; Explore/Property Management/Wildflower Meadow Management

Hants & Isle of Wight Wildlfe Trust

Hampshire's own wildlife organisation. Find reserves, checkout activities.

Hampshire & IoW Branch of Butterfly Conservation

See which butterflies and moths are flying this month. You can also register your "Sightings" online.

UK Butterflies

This site is managed by real enthusiasts. Lots of detailed information and photographs that illustrate

and describe the lifecycle of our native butterflies.


Plantlife is dedicated to conserving and restoring our native flora and campaigning for

better protection.


Dedicated to the conservation of all invertebrates i.e. insects.

Grasslands Trust

A conservation charity making the case for wildflower diverse grasslands. Over 98% of our wilflower rich grasslands

have been destroyed and mostly in the last 70 years. Wildflowers are one of the keys to invertebrate populations on

which much of our wildlife food chain depends.

Ancient Tree Hunt

You can search for ancient trees in the landscape or even register to be able to record ancient trees you find!

Look under "More Stuff" and select "Downloadable Information". The Ancient Tree Guides, No 6 in particular provides a lot of information on the interdependencies between our old trees and our wildlife.

Bat Conservation Trust

The national website for bat conservation.


Advice on the conservation of bees, wasps and ants.

Bumblee Conservation Trust

A national site concerned with the conservation of bumblebee species and populations.

Mammal Society

Dedicated to the study and conservation of mammals.

British Hedgehog Preservation Society

Read about how to help this iconic British mammal which is declining through habitat loss.

Learn how to encourage them into your garden.

Hampshire Fungus Recording Group

Enthusiastic team of fungi recorders.

International site providing information about forests, forest destruction and protection

Regional Environment Organisations

South East Green Infrastructure Partnership

The partnership wants to engender a common understanding of the role and importance of green infrastructure, and encourage local authorities to plan for and deliverand high quality green infrastructure, and to deliver it through partnership working.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Nature Partnership

The partnership intends to provide a vision as well as leadership for delivering a healthier, richer and connected natural environment.

Environmental Datasets

Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre (HBIC)

HBIC is the repository of mostly all flora records collected across the county.

National History Museum Postcodes Database

By entering the first part of your postcode you can get a wealth of information about

flora that has been recorded in your area.


This DEFRA website brings together government environmental mapping and other data where you can discover, for example; areas

covered by environmnetal stewardship schemes, AONB's; SPA's; SSSI's; Areas covered by Woodland Grant Schemes.

At this page you will find a Summary of Downloadable Datasets.

Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI) Maps Scheme

Select a plant, perhaps near to where you live and find out how common or uncommon it is!

National Soil Resouces Institute at Cranfield University

Enables anyone to find out at a high level the likely nature of the soils in a particular area by using the Soilscapes Viewer.

The link to Old Down takes you directly to the high level view. More detailed soil analysis is available

through the Soils Site Reporter which is for most people a chargeable service.


Basingstoke Transition Network

Old Down & Beggarwood Wildlife Group are affiliated to Basingstoke Transition Network, a grassroots organisation arguing for local people to use natural resources more efficiently or almost not at all when like fossil fuels they are polluting the land, water and air we need. At current rates of use the UK needs 3 planets to support it's addiction for raw materials.

Training & Education

Field Studies Council - Publications

Useful site from which to order species identification charts that you can take with you on a walk.

There are also teaching resources too.Forest Education Initiative - provides access to forest learning resources.

Forest Stewardship Council - resources including projects on woods and trees.

Earth Restoration Trust - Schools service encouraging the creation of tree and wildflower nurseries within schools