The two spot ladybird and the seven spot ladybird are instantly recognisable and popular insects. There are however many more species of ladybirds (all of whom are beetles) which spend a large part of their lives as larvae feeding on aphids (greenfly etc) so they are very much the gardeners friend.

In August 2010, David Glover conducted a survey of grasshoppers in the area and at the same time included a survey of other bugs and ladybirds. For more information about David's findings see this link Grasshopper Survey

UK Safari provides some good pictures to help you identify any ladybirds you may find: please click here

This seven spot ladybird was found on the gorse at Old Down on 15th March 2011. I suspect it had overwintered there tucked away from the cold and the snow in the centre of the plant.

This pair were found on a yew bush, baking in the sun. Yew that was in the shade had no visible ladybirds.