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August 2015

                                                     OLD COLONY SPORTSMEN'S ASSOCIATION

Monday August 3, 2015 – Monthly Meeting Report


Next ANNUAL Meeting: Monday, September 14, - 7:00 PM


Mike opened the meeting at 7:00 with The Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence was held for our troops and servicemen

SECRETARY REPORT: Brad T standing in for the Secretary, report from the July 2015 meeting was read and accepted by the members.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Motion was made for $14,733. And approved for the cleaning of the hall and indoor range.  Chuck reporting that after the 14 k to clean there is NO surplus money, club is spending money. The treasurer’s report from July was accepted and posted. Paul B asked for a protocol to ensure that the clubhouse remains clean.

MEMBERSHIP: Rich presented 3 applicants for membership, all were accepted and welcomed to the club.

NSSF and GOAL: Dale S welcomed new members and presented NSSF report and GOAL news 2015 firearm injury statistics is posted. The legislative shoot made the GOAL newspaper. News from NSSF introducing ITARD an internet control to regulate the firearms Blogs. Keep your eyes open for these locally. 2 Gun shows in September, Braintree and Marlboro

IDPA: A safety officer’s certification class held, 11 newcomers attended the intro class. Next match 8/18.

PISTOL: Rick reporting that the pistol team is meeting at 6:00 pm due to daylight.  It’s informal and a great time for newcomers to practice and learn the sport, they meet Thursdays. Come for some outdoor summer fun and practice.

RIFLE: Military matches are posted, see Franco with any questions

200 yard summer league shoots Tuesday nights in the rifle house shoot almost any rifle.

Upcoming a 3 week .22 shoot, the end of August.

Nikki Striebel has stepped up to run the NRA Funday, Sunday September 20, she has a sheet for volunteers to sign up.

Galley Rifle has been welcomed to shoot the fall season at the Marshfield Rod and Gun Club.

BLACK POWDER:  Paul B. reporting, there is a BP shoot in Tiverton August 14-16, BP has a shoot at Old Colony, 8/26-27. Paul mentioned the Gunmakers fair at Dixons in Kempton, Pennsylvania and the quality and great workmanship of the guns.

ARCHERY: We need a leader!!

SHOTGUN:  Shotgun, Skeet, Trap and 5-Stand is open on Wednesday’s 10:00–12:00, Thursdays 2:00-dusk, Saturday and Sunday 10:00-1:00.

New Business: John Green coming to Old Colony for info session on Mass gun laws, Sept 1, time TBD

NRA Funday, everyone welcome, September 20th,

Frank supporting Vets at IBEW, 8/8 9:00am Vets Standdown

Next Meeting ELECTIONS September 14, voting commences at 6:30.

Motion to adjourn 7:40 pm 


Submitted by,

Stephanie Turnbull, Secretary