JR Shotgun Program


Boys and girls, ages 11 to 17 years of age, are eligible to participate in the Junior Shotgun Program.   They must have written permission from their parents. (Parents do not have to be club members.)   12 and 20 gauge guns, targets and ammunition will be available for the participants of the program.   First and foremost, youngsters are taught Range Safety.   Safe handling of firearms must be demonstrated and practiced before they are allowed to shoot. Once those prerequisites are met, shooting positions are demonstrated and practiced before shooting live ammunition is allowed.  I will take any new youngster 11 ~ 17  that wants to learn to shoot a shotgun and be part of a team.  The children do not need any shooting experience.   The cost is $10 per session.  We provide a gun, ammo, targets, safety glasses, hearing protection and Instruction.  During the winter months we meet when the weather is good! Spring, Summer and Fall we meet every other Saturday.   Check your email for updates.

Contact Yvonne Arthur for more info or to signup.