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Gov. Patrick and Rep. Linskey (Newton) have proposed sweeping changes to Mass gun law amounting to a virtual repeal of the 2nd Amendment. If passed, here's what your elected officials have in store for you:

10 round magazines loaded with more than 7 rounds, punishable by more than two years in jail.
Magazines containing more than 10 rounds, punishable by up to 10 years in jail.
Potential confiscation of lawfully purchased long guns and high capacity magazines (greater than 10 round capacity).
A complete ban on semi-automatic rifles with certain cosmetic features. (AR type rifles)
Up to 2 ½ years in jail for receiving more than 1 gun or magazine in a 30-day period.
Mandatory large capacity guns storage at gun clubs instead of in home.
Lawful private sales recorded on FA-10 forms will no longer be allowed.
Ban "high power" ammunition. (there's been no definition provided as to what that is)
Expanding local licensing authorities discretion to deny or restrict licenses to all guns including FID cards.
Mandatory insurance for all firearms owners. (see link for more info)
New proposed sales tax aimed at firearms/ammo purchase. (this has not been clarified)
Mental and physical health waivers to be signed upon applying for a gun license
Creating new crimes of assault with a firearm that requires no physical action by the lawful possessor

The following are GOAL supported changes to Mass gun laws for the upcoming legislative session. They will be assigned formal BILL#'s shortly. Please reach out to your state reps and senators and voice your desire as to how you want them to support these changes. Now more than ever your support and voice is needed if our constitutional rights are to be preserved.

2013 GOAL Legislation:
HD 1916 An Act Relative to Civil Liability for Protecting One's Home
HD 1926 An Act Relative to Civil Rights and Public Safety
HD 1940 An Act Associated with Incurred Fines for Delayed Firearm License Renewals
HD 2693 An Act Relative to Constitutional Rights
HD 2694 An Act Relative to an Unloaded Rifle or Shotgun
HD 2695 An Act Relative to Equitable Firearm License Fees
HD 2697 An Act Relative to Fair Licensing
HD 2700 An Act Relative to Firearm License Disqualifiers
HD 2703 An Act Relative to Non-resident Second Amendment Civil Rights
HD 2705 An Act Relative to the Lawful Sale of Ammunition
HD 2707 An Act Relative to the Lawful Sale of Handguns
HD 2712 An Act Relative to the Term of Firearms Licenses
HD 2717 An Act Relative to Youth Firearm Training and Competition
HD 2720 An Act Relative to Youth Hunting Programs
HD 2724 An Act Removing Change of Address Civil Rights Penalties
HD 2728 An Act Repealing the Ban on Modern Sporting Rifles
HD 2953 An Act Relative to Sales Tax Exemptions for Gun Safes and Trigger Locks
HD2954 An Act Relative to Gun Safe Deductions

See summaries of these proposed law changes here

Find your local state resp and senators here

GOAL Legislation From 1982 Now Paying Dividends

GOAL has been protecting Massachusetts gun owners for a long time. In 1982 we ensured that the names and addresses of gun owners will never be public information.

The commissioner of the department of criminal justice information services, the department of criminal justice information services and its agents, servants, and attorneys including the keeper of the records of the firearms records bureau of said department, or any licensing authority, as defined by chapter one hundred and forty shall not disclose any records divulging or tending to divulge the names and addresses of persons who own or possess firearms, rifles, shotguns, machine guns and ammunition therefore, as defined in said chapter one hundred and forty and names and addresses of persons licensed to carry and/or possess the same to any person, firm, corporation, entity or agency except criminal justice agencies as defined in chapter six and except to the extent such information relates solely to the person making the request and is necessary to the official interests of the entity making the request.

See the legislation MGL Chapter 66 Section 10: here

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