Board of Directors Range Safety Message

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A Message From
Old Colony Sportsmens Association
Board of Directors 3/20/2016
Spring is approaching which means we will see an increase in range use. As pointed out in a recent issue of the Patriot Ledger there has been a 65 percent increase in LTC’s issued in Massachusetts since 2008. Over the last few years we have had a record number of new members join with many levels of experience. While all the range rules must be applied, the board of directors would like to remind members of these important range safety rules and etiquette.
  •  Members are reminded that the OCSA membership email system is the principal method of contacting the membership and alerting them to range issues and schedule changes. Please advise your fellow members who do not receive this to sign up for the notifications by going to the club website and registering for the member’s google group.
  • This notice will also be posted at the clubhouse and on the website.  The OCSA range rules are available in printed form at the clubhouse and on the club website HERE. Please download a copy and review.
From the rulebook

 3.1 There will be absolutely no handling of firearms on the firing line while people are down range and the red light is on. All firearms on the firing line must have the gun actions open, OBI/ECI inserted in the firearm chamber.

What is an OBI/ECI? It stands for Open Bolt Indicator / Empty Chamber Indicator. The image at the right shows typical devices. New members are issued one and additional devices may be purchased at the kitchen on the weekends as well as from your average firearm supply retailer. Every firearm on the firing line NOT in a case must have one installed when not being fired and when the line is made safe for target changes. The rod is to be placed into the chamber, NOT down the magazine well. If you have any questions please see a Range Safety Officer (RSO).

4.1 The flashing red light and a bell are used to make the pistol range safe. A flashing red light and buzzer are used to make the rifle range safe. The flashing red light proceeded by the bell or buzzer alert must be on when anyone is down range.

No one should go down range without the lights and buzzer even if you believe you are the only one there. Others could arrive while you are not at the firing line and be unaware you are downrange and the ability to view the line from within the rifle house is limited.

4.2 The firing line must be checked before turning the red light on. The buzzer or bell should be sounded three times using 2-3 second blasts. IF the line is clear, the red light should be turned on and targets can then be changed/retrieved, etc. After returning to the firing line, the range should be visually scanned to ensure no one is still down range and the call “IS EVERYONE BACK” should be made. Once everyone is back on the firing line the buzzer or bell should again be sounded three times and the flashing red light turned off. 

4.3 It is the responsibility of any individual clearing the pistol or rifle range to ensure everyone on that particular line is aware he is clearing that line.

For individuals clearing the rifle line please check the 200 yard rifle house before activating the lights and buzzer. On Sundays and any time a rifle competition is ongoing in the rifle house, the house controls when target change breaks occur. 

4.4 Anyone going down to the 200 yard target line, in addition to rules 4.1 and 4.2, shall take the red flag and post it at the right hand end of the 25 yard target line. The last person back from the 200 yard target line shall retrieve the flag on their way back. There shall be no firing or handling of firearms when the red flag is posted at the 25 yard target line.

For all the above situations, whenever the range has been made safe there shall be no handling of firearms for any reason including packing up to leave. Once the target change is done and the line is again HOT you may handle your firearm for packing up. 

8.2 A club member may host only two (2) shooting guests at a time. 

8.3 Guests must be accompanied by a club member at all times when they are shooting. If for any reason, the club member has to leave the firing line, the guest(s) shall make their firearms safe and discontinue shooting until their hosts returns. 

10.1 All firearms may load up to, but no more than 10 rounds. 

It has been observed that some members are exceeding this limit.

16.4 All minors on club property must be under adult supervision at all times.

All members are responsible for applying these rules and coaching others when they see a violation. Members who do not follow these rules may be asked to leave for the day, especially if they do not have a membership badge or OBI/ECI. Arguing with a Range Safety Officer is not allowed.

NOTICE: In light of the recent power outage the OCSA Board of Directors has voted to make it policy that any time the range lights and buzzer are not operational that range shall be considered closed unless a Range Safety Officer (RSO) is available to manually run the line.