The Village of Old Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire - The floods of June and July 2007, by Dave Hitchborne

I've been censored for showing photographs of the floods in Old Bolingbroke, in our village. Apparently I'm the cause of houses not being sold because, allegedly, the photographs are putting people off buying. This shows the result of a heavy rainfall at the junction of Hagnaby Road and King's Court. I was reproached for mentioning the words, "severe flooding", which is correct in as much as some houses were flooded and that those very words were used by the Parish Council -


NAME OF PARISH: Bolingbroke.


Old Bolingbroke because of its low lying location surrounded by hills is at risk from water courses overflowing into the village. The following locations are considered most at risk as identified following the severe flooding in 1986 & 2007:

(a)    Moat Lane – Beck prone to overflowing vicinity of The Watermill.
(b)    Back Lane - Beck prone to overflowing vicinity of Normandy Farm.
(c)    Hagnaby Road – Dykes in Hareby Lane and Hagnaby Road prone to flooding from near            the junction of Hareby Lane southwards to Kings Court.
(d)    Horncastle Hill – Flooding can occur at the foot of hill near the War Memorial which                 contributes to the problem at c) above.
(e)    West Keal Road – Flooding can occur at the foot of the hill in the vicinity of Holly Cottage.
(f)     Hagnaby Road – Dykes in the vicinity of Glebe Cottage prone to overflowing.

I haven't been able to verify the number of houses flooded, but was told, "three or four", which isn't an accurate figure. It could be three, four, more, or even less. It was 'severe' as far as the village is concerned because it doesn't happen very often - four times since 1986.

I was there during every occasion and 1986 could probably be described as being the worst. Crops were washed out of the fields and tree branches could be seen floating down this road. On another occasion the flood water lifted huge chunks of road, about 150mm thick at the junction of Back Lane and Hagnaby Road, which made it impassable.

An elderly resident said that she had not seen anything to equal the flood of '86.
In conclusion - In my opinion, the people buying into the village have more rights than the people wishing to leave, so the photographs should not be censored.
Dave Hitchborne - Village resident since 1984.

Junction of Hagnaby Road and King's Court

Hagnaby Road - The overflowing dyke is very narrow and the bank at the roadside is very low. Coupled with the fact that the water is expected to do a ninety degree turn just yards away from here it isn't surprising it overflows, however, houses aren't affected down this road..