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Last 5: 1895 N300 Mayo, 1914 T-222, 1916 Zeenuts, 1948-49 R346, 1938 Goudey PM8


Last 5:  Bowman Wildman 65, T206 Atz, N3 Harpoon, Mace and Russian Strelitz Axe



Last 5: 1988 Venezuela, 1980 Syracuse Team Issue, 1979 Syracuse Team Issue, 1999 Braves Atlanta Journal-Constitution Jumbos, McWilliams Postcard Claudell Washington

Blank Backs Miscuts & Wrong Backs

Last 5: 1968 Topps Miscut, 1967 Topps Blank Back, 1983 Topps Wrong Back, 1974 Wrong Back, 1961 Topps Blank Back

OBC'ers I have met:  Geordie Calvert, Sal Domino, Bob Donaldson, Dave Fallen, Tim & Linda Fitak, Kent Goto, Richard Hankins, Peter Iversen, Joshua Levine, Ray Luurs, Lynn Miller, Ken Morganti, Rich Niessen, Pat Sweeney, Geno Wagner

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