Here you'll find transcriptions of some of the more important documents I've uncovered in my research. My aim is to provide three things:
  • Accurate, reliable transcriptions
  • Clean, accessible text (no complex coding or fancy fonts)
  • Access to the original (through links or my own uploaded scans)

I won't swear I'll never introduce a transcription error. But my highest priority is to create as accurate, faithful, and comprehensible a version of the original document as I can. I always carefully recheck my work against the source document--line-by-line, word-by-word, and letter-by-letter.

For published sources, I almost always discard the following typographical elements: end-of-line hyphenation, page breaks, and page headers and footers. I don't rule out ever reproducing them (I might consider marking page breaks, for example, if no digitized original is freely available), but I don't see much point in sacrificing clean, usable text to slavishly reproduced typography. Unpublished sources are addressed on a case-by-case basis, since each will present its own unique challenges.

My transcriptions tend to reflect the spelling, punctuation, and capitalization quirks of the original authors. If I do make an editorial change (usually because some obvious, minor error is threatening to throw a whole sentence of track), I'll announce it in one of the following ways:

  • by explaining the problem in a note above or below the transcription
  • by introducing [a correction or extra information] in square brackets


Every transcription presented here was created by me from a public-domain source.

Name Personal Details
Buck, George Woodbridge
Son of Roswell Buck and Harriet Meech. Married Mary Ann Glenn, daughter of James Glenn and Nancy Kincaid. They had several children. Lived in Henry Co., Illinois.
Corbin, Maranda
Outlived three husbands: (1) William Roberts, (2) Michael J. Murray, and (3) John Adamson. Had children by Michael and John but not William. Lived in Rock Island Co., Illinois, by 1844 and resided there until her death in 1891.
Garrison, Harriet E. Daughter of William Garrison and Amelia Oman. Practiced medicine for half a century. Never married or had children. Lived her whole life near Dixon, Illinois.
Garrison, John
Son of William Garrison and Amelia Oman. Married Maranda DePuy and raised a large family near Dixon, Illinois.
Garrison, Mathias F.
Son of Mathais Garrison Jr. and Susannah Seeley. Married Mary Ellen Girton, daughter of Elizabeth (Runion) Girton, and they had two girls. Born in Pennsylvania, moved to Lee County, Illinois, and then to Fillmore County, Nebraska.
Garrison, Peter--extracts from Civil War pension record
Son of William Garrison and Amelia Oman. Married Sarah Adaline Thomas, daughter of Wilson B. Thomas and Mary A. Hatchet. Several sons and daughters. Lived in Pennsylvania; Lee County, Illinois; Fillmore County, Nebraska; Vancouver, Washington; and Azusa, California.
Garrison, William
Son of Mathias Garrison Jr. and Susannah Seeley. Married Amelia Oman. Nine of their children grew to adulthood. Lived in Pennsylvania and Lee County, Illinois.
Garrison, William H.
Son of William and Amelia Oman. Married (1) Emmogene V. Simmons, and (2) Sarah E. Appleford. Children by both wives. Sarah was the daughter of John G. Appleford and Mary Colver. Born and raised in Lee County, Illinois, but moved to Fillmore County, Nebraska as a young man.
Glenn, William N.
Son of James Glenn and Nancy Kincaid. Married Ellen R. Reynolds. One son. Lived in Henry County, Illinois.
Kincaid, George W.
Son of James Kincaid and Polly Sanders. Married (1) Louisa Smith, and (2) Mary Walker. Children by both wives. Louisa Smith was the daughter of William Smith and Lovina Pierce, while Mary Walker was the daughter of William R. Walker and Lydia Sanders. George's mother and Mary's mother were sisters. Born in Illinois; lived in Henry County, Illinois, for half a century.
Leibee, William D.
Son of George Leibee and Margaret Deem. Married Sarah Elizabeth Gibbs, and they had two children, Harry Grant Leibee and George Washington Leibee. Both sons married Murray sisters: Grant married Mary Alice, and George married Eliza. Alice and Eliza were daughters of Maxwell Gulliver Murray and Lucy Kincaid. Lived in Butler County, Ohio; Henry County, Illinois; and Buffalo County, Nebraska.
Reich, Johann and family--transcriptions and translations of German parish records related to this family Johann Reich's parents are unknown. He married (1) Brigitta Rottler, and (2) Petronella Rottler. Brigitta's parents were Georg Rottler and Maria Wintermantel, while Petronella was the daughter of Lorenz Rottler. The family was based in Obereschach, Villingen, Baden, Germany. A number of Johann's descendants emigrated to America, with a concentration of settlement near Glasgow, Missouri.
Waehlte, Henry Emil
Son of Johann Gottfried Waehlte and Anna Rosina Schulze. Born Emil Heinrich Waehlte in Germany and emigrated to the U.S. in 1877 to join his brother, Charles. Bought a ranch and took up beekeeping near Riverside, California. Was using the name Henry Emil Horn by 1900. Became a naturalized citizen in 1913 but eventually returned to Germany, where he died. Never married or had children.