Have as many desktops in Windows as you wish!


Is one desktop in Windows not enough for you? Have you tried some software solutions, but 4 desktop provided by them are still not enough? Do you want to have unlimited number of virtual desktops with an ease of switching between them? Do you want to have it all integrated in your Google Desktop? Would you like to have quick preview of the content of them? Multidesktop gadget for Google Desktop is an easy answer to all those questions.
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NEW (1.08.2007): Version 0.3 available:

New features in version 0.3:

  • Possibility to resize panels
  • More compact and customizable interface: ability to hide previewer and list
  • Choice between descriptive list of desktops using their names and compact - using only small
  • List of desktops stored between sessions. (i.e. you need not recreate desktops after restarting computer)
  • Certain bugfixes

New features in version 0.2:

  • New user interface
  • Naming desktops
  • Deleting desktops
  • Hiding / showing preview
  • Changing desktop via menu while gadget is minimized


Multidesktop is a plug-in gadget for Google Desktop which emulates the multiple desktops in Windows. Once installed you have available in your Google Desktop bar or on your desktop the button to create new virtual desktop, the list of created desktops and the preview area where you can see the preview of a content of a desktop you are hovering mouse over in the list. If you want to remove gadget - all the desktops are merged together.

Gadget is available in English, Polish and Spanish language version.


I have few desktops active, but I want to close gadget. What would happen?

When MultiDesktop gadget is being closed, all the windows from all the desktops are reunited in the main desktop. You won't loose any window.

I have Multidesktop gadget docked out from the desk-bar,
I created new desktop and the gadget disappeared.
How can I switch desktop? Is my data lost?

No, all your windows are present as the gadget is, although hidden. To bring it to top you can use standard Google Desktop key combination (double SHIFT)

Is there a possibility to switch between desktops using hotkeys?

Currently, this feature is not included in the gadget. However, due to number of requests, it is present on the TODO list and should be available in version 0.3


Click here to download the MultiDesktop gadget or go to the MultiDesktop download page in Google Desktop Plugins Repository.


  • Computer ;)
  • Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
  • Google Desktop (version 5.1)

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