Make a Copy of the Lab

Claim a Copy of the Lab Manual

Go to http://bit.ly/olcinnovatelabs and do the following:
  1. Sign into Google.
  2. Click on 000 Self-Paced Labs.
  3. Right-click on any lab labeled [CLAIM ME] OLC Innovate Lab Manual and click on Rename.
  4. Change the Name to [Insert Last Name(s)] OLC Innovate Lab Manual.
  5. That's it - it's now yours!  Open it up, fill in the fields and innovate away!
Innovation is a collaborative process. Once you claim your copy of the manual, invite your colleagues to join you on your lab.


Join a Live Lab Manual

If you are in a Live Lab in the Innovation Labs, we've created a collaborative lab manual for you to use.
  1. Go to http://bit.ly/olcinnovatelabs and sign into Google.
  2. Click on the folder for the lab you are in.
  3. Open the Google doc in the folder.
  4. Add your name in the Scientists field.
  5. Collaborate away!
Feel free to continue to add ideas and notes to this manual after the session.  You can also continue your ideation and experimentation in the self-paced lab stations.

Learn About the OLC Innovation Lab

Is it a collaborative, professional development space? A technology playground? A design thinking system? With your participation, it’s all of the above. The Innovation Lab space is comprised of two distinct areas – a front area featuring a series of lab stations for you to reflect and experiment at your own pace, and a live demo space for you to take part in scheduled “guided experiments” led by presenters.