Ph.D. in Economics, University of Oslo 

Research interests: Applied labor economics; wage formation; pensions and retirement behavior

E-mail: olv {at}
Phone: +47 99 27 35 99


Published work:        

> What can we learn about household consumption expenditure from data on income and assets?, joint with Lasse Eika and Magne Mogstad 

Journal of Public Economics 189, 2020

> Life Expectancy and Claiming Behavior in a Flexible Pension System, joint with Christian Brinch and Dennis Fredriksen 

Scandinavian Journal of Economics 120(4), 979-1010, 2018

SJE Price for best paper of 2018

> Labour Supply Effects of Early Retirement Provision, 
Labour Economics 25, 98-109, 2013
> Does Retirement Age Impact Mortality?, joint with Erik Hernæs, Simen Markussen, and John Piggott,
Journal of Health Economics 32(3), 586-598, 2013

Working papers: 

> Do Employees Benefit from Worker Representation on Corporate Boards?, joint with Christine Blandhol, Magne Mogstad, and Peter Nilsson 

        (November 2020)

> Broadband Internet and the Stock Market Investments of Individual Investors, joint with Hans Hvide, Tom Meling, and Magne Mogstad 

        (December 2020), revision requested by The Journal of Finance

> Excess Early Retirement? Evidence from the Norwegian 2011 Pension Reform, joint with Christian Brinch and Josef Zweimüller

Older working papers:
(earlier version printed as Memorandum, University of Oslo) 
> Labour mobility, pension portability and the lack of lock-in effects, joint with Erik Hernæs, John Piggott and Tao Zhang (March 2011)

Policy reports and articles in Norwegian:

> Business income and income inequality in Norway, SSB Analyse 2020/13, Statistics Norway (written in Norwegian) 

> Separating causation from correlation, Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning 03/2019 (written in Norwegian) 

> Effects of in-work tax credits on labour supply among immigrants, Reports 2016/38, Statistics Norway (written in Norwegian)

Income growth over the life cycle, Reports 2014/3, Statistics Norway (written in Norwegian)
Effekter av AFP på sysselsetting blant eldre arbeidstakere, Økonomiske analyser, 4/2013 (written in Norwegian)
 Inntektsfordeling og inntektsmobilitet – pensjonsgivende inntekt i Norge 1971-2003, Report 7/2006, Frisch Centre (written in Norwegian)