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FullHD 1x10: Twisted Episode 10 Watch Online Free , Venture fans. We're nearing the season finale, so we knew it was time for Doc and Jackson to step up their game, but honestly, who could've predicted this? In case you're still in shock, here's the rundown. 

The only member of the Council of Thirteen that Monstroso was able to identify before his death has suddenly turned up dead, allowing the O.S.I. to discover the identity of Councilman One, Vendata. After finding a personal ad he placed seeking male robot companionship, they recruit Ghost Robot to go undercover as his date. From there, they follow the couple to a Guild nightclub called Don Hell's where villains hang out, cut loose, and occasionally torture some civilians. Up for torture tonight are Rusty and Billy, who snuck into the club FullHD 1x10: Twisted Episode 10 Watch Online Free it was a costume party. Brock tries to save them (hands up if you had old school Venture family warm-fuzzies when Shore Leave implored Brock to consider if risking the success of their mission was worth it just to save Doc, and it immediately became apparent that it was), but ultimately, it's not Brock who's able to save Doc and Billy. It's The Monarch, who arrives just in time to assert his primacy as Doc's arch. And then, just when you think it's safe to breathe again... 

A FullHD 1x10: Twisted Episode 10 Watch Online Free freaking disco ball falls on top of Doc, presumably crushing him to death. 

This is where you shriek at the TV. This is where I shriek at the TV. This is where I shriek at the TV even upon second and third viewings

Okay. Let's catch our collective breath and gather 'round, geeks. This isn't the first time the show has killed off a main character. Infamously, Hank and Dean die in the season one finale, only to be quickly revealed as clones. But for some reason, I am not quite so confident that Doc will survive. It's felt like the show was moving Hank and Dean towards hero and villain roles for awhile now; killing off their dad and allowing them to become the Ventures around which this whole wacky world revolves would be understandable. But there FullHD 1x10: Twisted Episode 10 Watch Online Free so many questions left unanswered...who is the boys' mother? Is everyone now aware of Dermott's parentage? Why did Doc have a picture of himself and The Monarch playing together as children before The Monarch's parents died? Why can't The Monarch remember why he hates Rusty Venture? And perhaps most importantly...how are we supposed to survive the finale when the stakes are this high? 

FullHD 1x10: Twisted Episode 10 Watch Online Free 's so much going on with the Council in this episode that I can barely begin to decipher it all. We finally meet most of the members face-to-face; we're left with the burning questions of how and why Councilman Four died so suddenly; and most shockingly of all, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is offered Councilman One's spot at the end of the episode. Not to mention the fact that apparently Phantom Limb is still out there with his cronies and he has access to the video feed from Guild headquarters. 

Where the finale is headed is anyone's guess, but I am completely willing to forget last week's subpar episode ever even happened, just based on the mind-blowing amazingness of this week. 

No geekiest moments this week; things are too intense. I'll see you next week for the finale!