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As FullHD1x4: Southcliffe Episode 4 Watch Online Free Rennie walked away from his proud papa down that hospital corridor, a contorted smile creeping along his Abercrombie and Fitch-model face, it struck me where we've met his ilk before: in daytime Aussie soaps. The outlandish kidnapping plot, the wiggy score whenever he appears, the smell-the-fart acting, a depiction of mental illness so roughly hewn it was less written than cacklingly chainsawed into the script in a series of wild buzzing slashes� Junior's a soap villain straight out of Ramsay Street or Summer Bay, the focal point of a `serious' arc to counter the hilarities of Harold misplacing his tuba or Alf calling someone a flaming galah.

FullHD1x4: Southcliffe Episode 4 Watch Online Free 's not the limit of Under the Dome's soap-ishness. This week's epidemic plot took the action to that stalwart of the genre: the local hospital. We were promised dome-related intrigue as the residents of Chester's Mill began to drop from a mysterious illness, but no sooner was it offered than it was snatched away. Alice the shrink diagnosed the dome sickness as common or garden meningitis, and a few doses of antibiotics later, the town was cured. Well, apart from poor Miss Moore, the Lord rest her soul.

FullHD1x4: Southcliffe Episode 4 Watch Online Free meningitis plot set up a number of debate society ethical dilemmas for us to stroke our collective chin over. You've one dose of antibiotics, and two sick patients: how do you decide who to cure? Do you horde insulin for your diabetic self, or trust that it will be distributed fairly when the need arises? Is it acceptable to use force to maintain a quarantine in order to protect a captive population from a contagious disease? Do you stab a needle directly through the side of a saline drip bag, or into the twisty plastic bit all the other TV nurses seem to use?

FullHD1x4: Southcliffe Episode 4 Watch Online Free younger hotter one; no and yes; yes; and I shouldn't have thought so although I've never been a medical intern, were Under the Dome's answers to those questions, the first made all the easier by Miss Moore sacrificing herself for her former unruly pupil. The glimpse into Sheriff Linda's pre-badge-and-gun life was an endearing one, even if that scene, and her later speech about a good heart being the greatest weapon the police have, rivalled even Junior's cornbread skillet homily to small town life for tooth-aching sweetness.