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FullHD6x6: Geordie Shore Season 6 Episode 6 Watch Online Free 's debut in faux-mediumship coincided with the awakening of the town's real McCoy, ghost-contacting shagger, Lucy Clarsen. Though the episode was named for her, we know nothing more about Lucy now than we'd picked up beforehand, aside from the fact that she can learn your name by shaking your hand. She can learn much more by jumping your bones, it appears, as we learnt watching her sex up Simon and complete the mother of all wrong and awkward threesomes by humping J�r�me in order to speak to his dead daughter's spirit. As casual xenophobes would say, ha, only the French!

FullHD6x6: Geordie Shore Season 6 Episode 6 Watch Online Free 's still a cypher though. Where she was before, what drew her to the town, whether her `power' is real� all that remains a mystery. As the only one of The Returned's characters to have dabbled in the supernatural before all the dam/lake/back-from-the-dead shenanigans, could she even have been the catalyst for all this? Not if the show stays true to its chronology, as we were shown that Victor was around at least three years before she rode in on that bus.

FullHD6x6: Geordie Shore Season 6 Episode 6 Watch Online Free back in the arms of his fairy godmother, little Victor is keeping another secret (alongside having incited Mme Payet to bloody suicide); his body is beginning to degrade, zombie-style. If it's happening to him, then the others mustn't be far behind. There's another item for the `explain later' corkboard.

On the subject of others, that gaggle of returnees L�na stumbled upon in the closing moments promises to up next week's undead quota. With the power out for good, the town dividing itself into protective groups, and a herd of dead-os wiping the American Diner out of food (what are the odds the otherwise absent Madame Costa is not only amongst them, but the source of that plan?), The Returned is beginning to feel more like a generic zombie thriller than ever.

FullHD6x6: Geordie Shore Season 6 Episode 6 Watch Online Free that edges it closer to its genre bedfellows, then L�na's story this week tipped the balance from cerebral supernatural drama to horror schlock. Before she'd even happened upon that eerie group fire in the misty woods, she'd already stepped into the classic horror movie role of `Girl who behaves in an entirely unforgiveable fashion when kidnapped by a serial killer'. Instead of waking up, asking Serge for her phone, and blowing that popsicle stand, L�na hung around to see his collection of objects with which to stab women, dressed up Psycho-style as his mum, then had sex with him. If you weren't screaming at your TV by that point, then you're clearly a person of admirable decorum and restraint. Bravo.

Don't misunderstand me, The Returned is still the best thing on TV at the moment (and surely the only one with such a simultaneously dirty yet philosophical mind � it was wangs, nipples, and existential mysteries galore this week). It's just so good, it's taught us to expect a great deal, perhaps more than it can deliver.