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It's the FullHD3x32: Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 32 Watch Online Free Elisabeth Moss' character is there to uncover. Moss (Mad Men, The West Wing) is excellent in the role of Robin, who, like every other woman detective on TV, is tough, emotionally distant, and has complex relationships with her family and fianc�. Robin also has trauma in her past, alluded to in episode one by the sole sympathetic Mitcham son, Johnno (making them a Matthew, a Mark, a Luke, and a John). She was attacked, we assume, as a teenager by a group of local men; it's the origin story of her police career as a sexual assault specialist. What are the odds too, that her Dad's lake death will turn out to have some intrigue behind it?

Some gentle Gene Hunt-ish comedy is to be had from Robin's introduction to the Lake Top police. She arrives to barely disguised groans and eye-rolls, and immediately upbraids her colleagues for displaying insensitivity to young Tui during questioning, before turning Nicholas Angel and scolding them for drinking on duty in the man-pit local bar.

Is FullHD3x32: Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 32 Watch Online Free more sinister than blokey ignorance going on with the men at the station though? Is there any significance to the presence of a mounted stag's head behind the Sergeant's desk, the same symbol that sinks ominously to the lake floor along with a picture of Tui and a baby's skeleton in the painterly opening credits? "We've had a bit of experience with this young girl" says Sergeant Parker, before confirming the pre-existing relationship with his jokey, "Shall I drive, or do you want to? Oh wait, you drove last time".

"Who was the man who did this to you?" Det. Griffin asked pregnant Tui in episode one. "No-one" came the written reply. Was that an evasion, or a riddle-answer? If no one man did it, perhaps more than one was involved.

More low-key humour comes from the women's commune, temporary home to a collection of lost souls seeking spiritual nourishment from GJ (a brilliantly eccentric Holly Hunter) the forthright leader whose words they hang upon ("Is it a man or a woman?" ask the thrown Mitcham boys). Top of the Lake gently ribs the commune women, and so far, their jarring appearance on the landscape is as incongruous as FullHD3x32: Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 32 Watch Online Free role in the rest of the story. It's as if Robin, Tui, and Matt are from one drama, and the containers are from another.

The interaction of the disparate worlds - one humming with traditional masculinity, the other with new-age femininity - is evidently a source of interest to Campion and co-writer Gerard Lee, but whether the audience is similarly tickled by it remains to be seen. Like Tui's frontierswoman horse-back arrival at the camp though, the containers are different kind of clich� to the rest on display, and as such, are divertingFullHD3x32: Dance Moms Season 3 Episode 32 Watch Online Free In the often-hackneyed detective genre, any deviation from the over-familiar interrogation rooms and rain-beaten urban street-settings is welcome as far as I'm concerned.

Campion's arty treatment of the erotic thriller genre wasn't entirely successful in In the Cut. Will this new venture cohere any better? Intermittently beautiful, well-acted, and with an elliptical, clever script that hasn't yet given too much away, I'd say the early signs are very, very good.