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Out of all the characters over three generations of Skins, Cassie holds a special place in most fans' hearts. That makes the fact that Skins Pure, as a complete 2-hour adventure, leaves you feeling so good amazing in a number of ways. It's faithful to the character without being afraid to adapt her to an adult world, for one, and the happy ending here feels earned, rather than tacked on for the fans. Always reliant on others for a sense of belonging, now Cassie has stepped in and created her own family, taking in her little brother while her dad gets away for a while. It's not the way I expected things to go, but that last "everything's good" is wonderful.

The overall `point' to these new episodes is starting to become clearer � with Cassie's episodes so strikingly different from Effy's � but I guess it'll look different again once we've seen Rise over the next two weeks. If it's to show three different experiences of being a young adult, then it sort of does, but this one goes one step further and finishes off a story that had been left up in the air at the end of series two. There will be people who hate what has been done to Cassie here but, after the emotional turmoil of Fire, I'm certainly not one of them.

Falling Skies is not a show that likes to linger too much on things that happen off-screen. The first season starts with humanity in the midst of a fight against the aliens. The second season introduces a bunch of new characters, kills off other ones, and relies on the viewer to watch a web series and read a comic book tie-in for further information. The third season jumped right into the thick of things, too, with Anne massively pregnant and immediately giving birth, with the home viewers having missed pretty much everything from the end of the second season to President Tom Mason.

This week's episode starts out with Tom waking up next to his wife. No, not Anne; his first wife, Rebecca, is there beside a clean-shaven and nearly unrecognizable Professor Tom Mason as he wakes up in his lovely home to the sound of screaming and gunfire becoming the buzz of an alarm clock. Tom had a nightmare, and immediately, I'm thinking of Dallas. However, rather than having this be a momentary dream of Tom Mason only to have him wake up in some sort of alien prison, the show commits hard to the idea, and Tom's dream only becomes weirder.

The first warning sign is repeated mentions of Anne Glass having contacted Tom, despite the fact Tom doesn't know who that is. The second, and more ominous sign, is when Weaver appears in Tom's dream as a disheveled hobo with a cardboard "The End Is Near" sign. Tom heads into work and sees philosophy professor John Pope struggling to get into his classroom. The retiring dean, Anthony, stops by for a chat. President Peralta is discussing a potential staff trip to one of four locations: New York, Jacksonville, Chicago, or Boston. Those cities keep coming up, Anne keeps sending Tom notes and little presents, Maggie is one of Tom's students, and the late, lamented Dai shows up playing Anne's jealous husband. All the while, Weaver keeps showing up outside of windows, looking crazy and typically getting dragged off by the cops. All the while, the question keeps getting asked: New York, Jacksonville, Chicago, or Boston?