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Year : 2013
Rating : N/A
IMDB Score : N/A
Release : 19 Jul 2013
Duration : 1 h 50 min
Genre : Family, Musical
Director : Jeffrey Hornaday
Writer : Vince Marcello, Mark Landry
Cast : Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Grace Phipps, Garrett Clayton

Watch Teen Beach Movie Online Ross Lynch and company took to the ocean on July 19 for ‘Teen Beach Movie,’ our new summer obsession full of stars, songs, and sand. Ross and the rest of the cast got us hook, line, and sinker when they came in for an EXCLUSIVE interview (which you can watch below), now see if everyone else is on the bandwagon too!

Have you ever thought to yourself how much High School Musical would be if it took place on a beach? Well thank goodness the Disney Channel did, because their latest summer flick, Teen Beach Movie, which premiered on July 19, is a dream come true. Stars of the flick Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Garrett Clayton, and Grace Phipps stopped by before the premiere and got us on board, but is the rest of the nation following along?

Watch Teen Beach Movie Online

‘Teen Beach Movie’ Reviews

New York Times

    Of course, many other sources are tapped for the synthetic peppiness and romance of Teen Beach Movie. The film within the film, featuring a song-and-dance face-off between a biker gang and a group of clean-cut surfers, is called Wet Side Story (just one “s” away from a more distinguished musical) but more closely channels Grease, also a dominant influence on the High School Musical films.

USA Today

Watch Teen Beach Movie Online    To be clear, Teen Beach Movie isn’t a retro beach movie, but a movie about two modern-day teenage surfers, McKenzie (Maia Mitchell, ABC Family’s The Fosters) and Brady (Ross Lynch, Austin & Ally), who get trapped inside a ’60s-era musical. However, the musical holding them hostage — Wet Side Story, where surfers and bikers battle for control of a local hangout — is more colorful, acrobatic and full of tunes than any of the actual beach films ever were.


    Taken on its own terms the 95-minute Disney Channel original plays like a brightly colored beach blanket, albeit one that’s a little rough around its sandy edges.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Disney is clearly hoping to recapture the teen pop culture conversation with Teen Beach Movie, a more entertaining, clever musical than its generic title suggests. Written by Vince Marcello, Mark Landry and Robert Horn and directed by Jeffrey Hornaday, Teen Beach Movie goes out of its way to mock the movie musical convention of characters breaking into song but then devotes a whole song to the practice.

Sounds like everyone’s warming up to the summer sensation like we are! Teen Beach Movie really is a blast that picks up right where the High School Musical fun left off. But don’t take it from us — you can get a better idea of the beach-y fun by watching our exclusive interview with the cast below! And don’t forget to catch a Teen Beach Movie rerun!
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