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Of FullHD1x6: Siberia Episode 6 Watch Online Free , the person at the top end of the torture scale this week is poor old Arlene. First a serial killer's wife, and now a widow, we should definitely have seen Terry's death coming post-glamour, and not just because he had a crackshot marine on his tail. Terry's immense level of happiness just prior to getting shot in the neck was the giveaway � no one is allowed to be that happy in Bon Temps. No one. And now Arlene never will be again. It's always a sad day when anyone leaves the show, but Terry will be sorely missed. Slightly nutty, but ultimately lovely, his entire being was a metaphor for the series, and it won't be the same without him.

FullHD1x6: Siberia Episode 6 Watch Online Free of not the same, did we see Sookie basically agree to become a vampire? Danger whore or not, she certainly has a thing for pale men with pointy teeth. What this means for Warlow's Bilith-stopping destiny remains to be seen, but once again Sookie has dropped her knickers for a man she barely knows simply because he declared undying love for her - a woman he barely knows. So much for growing up. It'll all end in tears though � just ask Arlene.

FullHD1x6: Siberia Episode 6 Watch Online Free , we're just over half-way through the slightly truncated season, and still the pace is relentless; even the tedious Sam/Emma/do-gooder storyline appears to be over and done with, leaving four whole episodes for the genocide storyline to play out. Will the gang make it out of the camp alive? Can Warlow put an end to Bilith? And will Bon Temps ever be able to forgive Bill and Jessica for their child torture? Your guess is easily as good as ours, but it's going to be a ton of fun finding out who's right.