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FullHD2x4: Breaking Pointe Season 2 Episode 4 Watch Online Free then there's Hank. Who does he see when he looks? When he steps out of the bathroom, after an uncomfortably long stretch on the throne (11+ months by my count), he sees his brother-in-law, and he sees his arch-nemesis, living in the same body: and he can't take it, as he spirals quickly into an anxiety attack. It's telling that Hank's first glimpse of Walt post-revelation is when he's at kindest and most loving - as he plays with and makes baby talk with Holly - as this harmless exterior is exactly what has kept Hank away the scent for so long.

FullHD2x4: Breaking Pointe Season 2 Episode 4 Watch Online Free always reminds me of Edward G Robinson's character in the classic noir Double Indemnity. A truly gifted investigator and a natural tough guy, whose only weakness is his own inherently good nature; one characterised by a need to feel as if he can trust those closest to him, due to his day to day existence living in a world populated by crooks and snakes.

I'm reminded of it here because what's great about the way Blood Money plays out is that it reminds you that Hank really is a brilliant investigator, despite his catastrophic blind spot, in much the same way Robinson eventually gets redemption in Double Indemnity. Hank even gets his equivalent of one of the show's many meth montages, in a scene showing him plowing through the Heisenberg paperwork that also serves as a neat potted history of the show up to this point. His suspicions apparently confirmed, soon he's got a tracker on Walt's car: but almost as soon as it's attached Walt has figured out Hank's now onto him, after noticing the Leaves of Grass shaped hole in his toilet book-basket.

In a characteristically clever bit of misdirection, the final scene plays out tentatively at first, as if it will mark the beginning of a duel between Hank and Walt which will see them circle each other well into the next few episodes. But of course that doesn't make sense - while Dean Norris, Bryan Cranston and Walter White are all brilliant actors, Hank Schrader isn't, and almost as soon as Walt enters and sees Hank's demeanour it's clear that the two men are finally on the same page.

FullHD2x4: Breaking Pointe Season 2 Episode 4 Watch Online Free after Walt pulls a Columbo just as he's about to leave, the confrontation we've been waiting five seasons is suddenly upon us, and it's every bit as intense as we could have imagined. Hank is incensed, a fizzing ball of unfocused rage and betrayal, but clearly still thinking he's got a clear upper hand against Walt.

While Walt is briefly rattled, and perhaps even genuinely a little sympathetic with Hank's position, he spends little time in getting quickly to his default mode of cool, pragmatic persuasion. He's unbelievably gifted at making you feel like his plan of action is the only possible logical path for you to take, and not just something that's fuelled by his own rampant self-interest. He makes the case that Hank would be the one actually causing the real damage to the family if he made a fuss, and it's a testament to his unmatched skill at emotional chess that Hank seems willing even to discuss it.

FullHD2x4: Breaking Pointe Season 2 Episode 4 Watch Online Free then Walt balks at Hank's one condition, to move the kids out of the house, which leads to a disbelieving Hank wondering aloud who it is he's talking to. He's answered indirectly but immediately: when Walt's expression changes and he warns Hank to "tread lightly", Hank gets his first real glimpse of Heisenberg. And, by the same token, when Hank threatened to take away his family, Walt no longer saw his brother-in-law in front of him, but yet another obstacle to overcome: another Tuco, another Mike, another Gustavo Fring. Another foreign body in Walt's perfectly engineered formula that needs to be eliminated.

FullHD2x4: Breaking Pointe Season 2 Episode 4 Watch Online Free men have spent the last few years deluded into thinking that the other is not a threat, but as they face each other in the garage at the end of Blood Money, they see each other's true faces for the first time. Hank and Walt are enemies, they are now at war, and we have seven more episodes to go. Don't forget to breathe.