Nutrition is a BIG DEAL!!

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Here are a smattering of articles that would be really good to read through if you are serious about eating right and using that to fuel your performance.  Plus eating right should just plain make you feel better too!

Check out the fact sheets on the right side of the NCAA's sport science institute's website.
Lastly I wish I knew more about athletes with dietary restrictions.  My suggestions would be that if you have any restrictions in your diet that you talk to a nutritionist and come up with a plan so that you are 
    1. consuming enough calories and
    2. consuming all the macro nutrients that you need to be properly fueled. 

Everything you need to know about Iron Deficiency (courtesy of Coach Dalby of Vista Nation XC)

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Start Here
Start by looking at this slideshow (Thank you Coach Dalby from Mountain Vista and Coach Griffin from Lees Summit West).  It contains a lot of information about serum ferritin and why its important to monitor as a cross country athlete.

Iron Deficiency Pp

Educate Yourself 
Educating yourself on these issues is very important. Here are a few things every family should be thinking about in regards to iron/ferritin levels:
  • Educate yourself on what iron does for you as a runner, and how it can hurt when you are lacking.
  • Get your ferritin levels tested 2-3 times a year by your medical provider, and know your numbers. The off-season is the best time to get your levels checked. 
  • Set a goal for yourself to get your ferritin levels to at least 30. 40-50 is better, and gives you a nice surplus of iron. 
  • If your ferritin is under 20, you are most likely not going to be able to perform at your best as a distance runner. 
  • Eat lots of iron rich foods daily such as red meat and spinach. 
  • Take an iron supplement, and talk to your medical provider about how much you either should, or should not be taking. 

Articles about Iron for Distance Runners:
I have included several articles below about this very important issue to help you educate yourself on the matter. Please feel free to talk to the coaches if you have additional question. 

Talking to Your Doctor
In the coaching staff's experience some doctors are hesitant to test for ferritin levels because they do not fully understand the critical role ferritin plays in endurance athletics. Below is a letter from Dr. Kim Colter (Washington, MO) w/ references, about ferritin levels for endurance athletes that you can take with you to your medical provider when you ask to get tested. Please take this letter with you so that your doctor fully understands why it is you are asking to have your ferritin levels checked.  

Cross Country Summer Conditioning!!!!!

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If you are interested in Cross Country (And we hope you are!!!!!), then you should consider coming to summer cross country conditioning.  It' s a great opportunity to get in shape while hanging out with friends!  And if you're new to Olathe North, its a great way to get to know a lot of really great people before school starts!!  We will start June 11th and will go up until the start of school.  Additionally if you would like to get on our text message reminders list, just text the phrase:  @onxc2018   to the number 81010 and you’ll start getting informational texts about schedules and the season!

Here's our schedule!
June 11th - August 10th
    Monday through Friday - 6:30am, meet in the Aux gym.
    Saturday -  BREAKFAST RUN!!!!!! 8:00am, Location TBD

And if you want more information about Olathe North cross country in general just click here!


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The KSHSAA State Cross Country Championships were dominated by the Olathe North Boys and Girls teams! 7 All state individual runners, 2 Team Trophies, and 1 State Championship!!!!!

The girls started the day off in tremendous fashion!  Zoey Schillinger, Claire Fuhlhage, and Sarah Whitaker ran to top 10 finishes with their 7th, 8th, and 10th place finishes respectfully.  They were followed closely by Julia Sketers (29th), Hannah Rodina (48th), Kynlee Dillon (55th), and Mackenzie Lane (74th).  As a group this was good for Third Place as a Team!!! And only 8 points behind the 1st place team.  This group of ladies brought home the 1st state cross country girls trophy in school history!!!

The girls got the day going and the boys put the exclamation point of it!  4 of the boys placed in the top 20.  All 7 boys ran under 17:00.  Your Olathe North boys cross country team is the 2018 State Champions!!!!  It was a dominating performance for the boys team; scoring 45 team points which was 12 points ahead of 2nd place.  Brian Beach and Jackson Caldwell led the way with their 2nd and 3rd overall individual finishes.  Cade Heikes (14th), Jordan Yonce (19th), Bobby Johnson (22nd), Joey Guzman (36th), and Jack Spanel (39th) all were right on their heels.  It was an awesome day!!!

For full results click here.
For Olathe North results only click here.

BOTH teams qualify to STATE SHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

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On Saturday both the men and women's teams qualified to the State Championships!  The boys placed 4 runners in the top 10 of the race.  Brian Beach (2), Jackson Caldwell (4), Bobby Johnson (8) and Joey Guzman (10)!  Rounding out the rest of the team were Jordan Yonce, Jack Spanel, Cade Heikes, Bramwel Kosgei, Dustin Nichols, and Brandon Clark.  The girls girls team behind 2 top 10 finishers, Claire Fuhlhage (6) and Zoey Schillinger (8), finished 2nd overall!  The rest of the ladies team was made up of Sarah Whitaker, Hannah Rodina, Julia Sketers, Kynlee Dillon, Mackenzie Lane, Jillian Kiefer, Anna Flucke, Laura Flucke, Emily Glassman, and Tori Johnson!

Both groups will be back in action Saturday October 28th at Rim Rock Farm in Lawrence KS where they will run at the State Championships!

For full results from the regional meet click here -->   Girls Results    Boys Results
We also got some pretty sweet national publicity.  Check it out Here!!

Best of KC is No Problem for Eagles!!

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The Kansas City Cross Country Classic is a matchup of the best teams in the Kansas City Metro Area; from both sides of the Kansas/Missouri state line.  And it was NO PROBLEM for the Olathe North Cross Country team!!!

Claire Fuhlhage placed 8th individually and led the girls varsity team to a 4th place team finish.  They were the 2nd best Kansas school and the the top finishing 6A Kansas school!!!  Other medalists from the varsity girls race were Zoey Schillinger (18th), Sarah Whitaker (30th), Julia Sketers (45th), and Hannah Rodina (51st).

The boys varsity team was led by the junior duo of Brian Beach and Jackson Caldwell who placed 7th and 9th respectfully.  They finished 3rd as a team; and just like the girls the 2nd best Kansas School and the best from the class of 6A!  Other medalists in the varsity boys race were Joey Guzman (26th), Jordan Yonce (30th), and Bobby Johnson (31st).

The varsity groups didn't have all the fun as we had TONS of medalists in the Sub-Varsityraces!!!!  In the Junior Varsity races Laura Flucke, Anna Flucke, Tori Johnson, Emily Glassman, Baird Townsend, Luke Keil, and Jeferson Pereira-Goncalves were all individual medalists!!

We also have a slew of season bests this weekend!  Zoey Schillinger, Kynlee Dillon, Mackenzie Lane, Anna Flucke, Laura Flucke, Abby Shepherd, Alli St. John, Audrey McWhorter and a special Shout Out to Amanda Barry for setting a all time personal best with her sub 30 minute race!  That was just the girls!!!  Boys that set season bests were Franklin Gonzales, Montana Most, Eliot Fyffe, Detrik Ortiz, Kyle Yonce, Drayton Sharp and Nathan Neumer!!!

For full results visit our Schedules/Results tab.

Caldwell, Fuhlhage lead Eagles in Minneapolis

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The team traveled North almost 500 miles to Minneapolis MN to race against 60 of the best teams from Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, even California!  These were HUGE races.  Both fields had over 400 athletes.
Claire Fuhlhage placed 32nd in the race and paced the girls team to a 24th placed team finish out of 45 teams.  And in the boys race Jackson Caldwell ran his way to a 30th place finish and led the fellas to a 16th place team finish out of 46 teams. 

For Pictures from the Griak click here.  Thanks Dwayne Fuhlhage for the photo album!
For Full Results check out the Schedules/Results Tab

Domination at the Lone Elm Quad!!!

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DOMINATION!  There's just not any other word for it!

Anna Flucke, Laura Flucke, Emily Glassman, and Tori Johnson went 1-2-3-4 in the girls race to lead the ladies team!  Also medaling were Natalie Wagoner (7th), Abby Basile (9th), Zoe Johnson (19th), and Abby Shepherd (20th)!  

In the boys race we had 8 medalists!!!  Luke Keil, Baird Townsend, Jeferson Pereira-Goncalves, Franklin Gonzales, and Montana Most went 2-3-4-5-6!  Our other boy medalists at the Lone Elm Quad were James Houlahan (10th), Mason Comer (12th), and Will Funk (17th)!

It was an awesome day of racing!  
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Bringing the Heat at the Turner Invite!

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It was a very HOT afternoon on Wednesday at the Turner Invitational; both in terms of the weather and how everyone ran!!!

Everyone ran up a division (athletes who typically run JV ran in the varsity race and those who normally run in the 'C' team race ran JV).  Despite not racing normal competition we came home with several medals, huge improvements from last year, and even some personal bests!!!  It was an awesome afternoon!!!

Baird Townsend (7th), Jeferson Pereira-Goncalves (12th), and Luke Keil (18th) all medaled in the Varsity Boys race!  And Anna Flucke (13th), Laura Flucke (14th), and Emily Glassman (16th) all medaled in the Varsity Girls Race!!!!

Some athletes who had huge improvements included Keil (improvement of 29 sec), Detrik Ortiz (1:29 improvement),  Madeline Gordee (1:33 improvement), Mason Comer (3:13 improvement) and the athlete with the greatest improvement from last year was Pereira-Goncalves who improved 3min and 15 seconds!

Check out our video of the Meet Here!!!
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Eagles shine bright at the Olathe Twilight!

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This was definitely a different experience...  But it was an AWESOME one!!!  Check out this video, I think it says everything that needs to be said!!! (Thanks Coach Dicus for putting the video together!)  
A couple of big shoutouts to Brian Beach and the boys Varsity team.  Brian was the individual champion and the boys were the team champions on the night!!!  Claire Fuhlhage led the ladies to a 4th place team finish as she raced to 3rd place overall!!  We had tons of medalists!  And I dare say a lot of fun!

Click Here for the Olathe Twilight Hype Video!!
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