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The image above is a copy of a Sunday Express article, dated January 17, 2010. Sorry, no masthead, I clipped it in order to get the article to fit onto this page without compressing it so much that it was unreadable.

This online newspaper article is reproduced here an example of poor journalism, published with the intention of attacking the British Broadcasting Corporation rather than to report any news event. In order to press home their attacks on the BBC and new media (over the internet!), David Jarvis and David Stephenson, the journalists responsible for this nonsense, neglected to learn even the most elementary facts about Twitter. Nor did they check any facts about the BBC's use of Twitter. The inaccuracy of the report was so bad that it resulted in tweets and bad publicity for the Sunday Express editorial team. As a result it was quickly pulled from the Daily Express site, and thus is no longer available to see, except as above.

No correction or apology was issued for the inaccuracies of the misleading report. No accurate report was ever printed or published online.

As I can't seem to upload the original html code, I've posted it as an image instead. Page is shrunken 30% so that I could fit it all in a screenshot. I have not edited the page in any other way. However, the layout and number of adverts on the page may have been affected by the automatic ad-blocking software in my browser.

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