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Saint Mary, Star of the Sea

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In the summer of 2015, Our Lady of the Assumption in Pelham Bay /Country Club and St. Mary Star of the Sea on City Island  became one parish of the Archdiocese of New York in two uniquely distinct locations.  We consist of many families and individuals of diverse backgrounds. Always mindful of God's mercy towards us, we strive to be a caring and welcoming community of Faith in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother. We are very proud to support Catholic education and that our parochial elementary school in Pelham Bay was named a Blue Ribbon School in 2010!  Part of our outreach to the community includes a thrift shop at Star of the Sea and a food pantry at OLA.  We also are proud of our local Knights of Columbus, Guiding Star Council # 212 which meets first and third Thursdays of the month at International Caterers in Country Club. 
Please, check out the rest of our website and feel free to contact us by email at: olaparish@verizon.net or by phone at 718-824-5454.
We hope you will be able to join us to adore our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The Assumption of the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary

The Catholic Church teaches as a de fide definita dogma that the Blessed Virgin Mary "having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory."[1]  This dogma was infallibly defined by Pope Pius XII on November 1, 1950, in his Apostolic Constitution Munificentissimus Deus.  More recently, in a homily preached at Lourdes on August 15, 2004, Pope Bl. John Paul II quoted John 14:3 as one of the scriptural bases for understanding the dogma of the Assumption of Mary.  In the verse, our Lord Jesus Christ tells his Apostles at the Last Supper, "If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back again, and will take you to myself, so that where I am, you also may be."  All Holy Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ our Lord and God, is the first human person to be saved by Jesus Christ and the first to experience the resurrected life; she is also the pledge of the fulfillment of Christ's promise to us.[2] 
The Assumption, "Analēpsis" in Greek, of Mary is also known sometimes as the Dormition or the "Going to Sleep of the God-bearer (Deipara)by the Eastern Catholic Church, "Koímēsis tou Theotokou" in Greek or "Uspenie Presvetia Bogoroditsi" in Ukranian
The Assumption is a Solemnity celebrated on August 15 with the use of the Gloria and Creed.  If it falls on a Sunday, it replaces the Mass of that Sunday.  In the United States and many other countries it is a Holy Day of Obligation. 
The Feast of the Assumption is a public holiday in many countries of Catholic influence, including Italy, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Ecuador, France, Greece, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Senegal ,and Spain.  The capital city of Paraguay, founded on August 15, 1537, by Juan de Salazar y Espinoza is named Asunción in honour of the Assumption of Mary.  Our Lady of the Assumption is a patroness of the Republic of Malta and of innumerable dioceses around the world.  The Assumption of Mary is often symbolized by the Fleur-de-lys Madonna.[3] 
The Assumption is the heavenly birthday of the Immaculate ever-Virgin Mary.  Her entrance into the glory of everlasting life is a reminder of Christ's great love for she who is "blessed among women."  Her Assumption, along with the fact that He commands us to look to her as our Mother from His Cross, is our motive for turning to Mary as an intercessor in Heaven for us who remain in this place of testing and valley of tears. 
Please, come visit our parish, and like the couple at the wedding at Cana, bring your needs to Christ our God through His mother Mary.  Our church in Pelham Bay is open for prayer on most Saturdays and Sundays from 7:30 am until 6:30 pm and, outside summertime, most weekdays from 7:30 am until 1:30 pm (after 1:30 pm, the Convent Chapel is open until 4:30 pm). 

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Almighty, ever-living God, Who assumed the Immaculate Virgin Mary,
The Mother of your Son,Body and soul into heavenly glory,
Grant, we pray, That, always attentive to the things that are above,
We may merit to be sharers of her glory. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,One God, for ever and ever.
 Saint Mary, Star of the Sea
Among the many ancient titles of all-holy Mother of our God and Lord Jesus Christ is Stella Maris, Star of the Sea.   St. Jerome the great linguist priest from town of Stridon who translated much of the Old Testament from Hebrew into Latin interpreted the Hebrew name מרים (Maryām), Mary (Latin: Maria) as meaning "star of the sea" since Hebrew מאור (ma'or) means "star" (Latin: stella) and ים (yām) means "sea" (Latin: mare)   In the 6th c. the priest poet St. Venantius Honorius Clementianus Fortunatus from Valdobbiadene wrote the Latin hymn Ave Maris Stella (Hail, Star of the Sea) which became popular throughout the Roman Church and has been a textual inspiration for composers such as Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Grieg, Liszt, Mendelssohn, and Dufay.  More recently, Pope Pius XII in paragraph 31 of his encyclical, Doctor Mellifluus quotes St. Bernard of Clairvaux who in his devotion to Mary under this title wrote, "Mary ... is interpreted to mean 'Star of the Sea.' This admirably befits the Virgin Mother.. (for) as the ray does not diminish the brightness of the star, so neither did the Child born of her tarnish the beauty of Mary's virginity.  She is therefore that glorious star, which, as the prophet said, arose out of Jacob, whose ray enlightens the whole earth, whose splendor shines out for all to see in heaven and reaches even unto hell. . . She, I say, is that shining and brilliant star, so much needed, set in place above life's great and spacious sea, glittering with merits, all aglow with examples for our imitation. Oh, whosoever thou art that perceiveth thyself during this mortal existence to be rather drifting in treacherous waters, at the mercy of the winds and the waves, than walking on firm ground, turn not away thine eyes from the splendor of this guiding star, unless thou wish to be submerged by the storm! When the storms to temptation burst upon thee, when thou seest thyself driven upon the rocks of tribulation, look at the star, call upon Mary. When buffeted by the billows of pride, or ambition, or hatred, or jealousy, look at the star, call upon Mary. Should anger, or avarice, or fleshly desire violently assail the frail vessel of thy soul, look at the star, call upon Mary. If troubled on account of the heinousness of thy sins, distressed at the filthy state of thy conscience, and terrified at the thought of the awful judgment to come, thou art beginning to sink into the bottomless gulf of sadness and to be swallowed in the abyss of despair, then think of Mary. In dangers, in doubts, in difficulties, think of Mary, call upon Mary. Let not her name leave thy lips, never suffer it to leave thy heart. And that thou mayest more surely obtain the assistance of her prayer, see that thou dost walk in her footsteps. With her for guide, thou shalt never go astray; whilst invoking her, thou shalt never lose heart; so long as she is in thy mind, thou shalt not be deceived; whilst she holds thy hand, thou canst not fall; under her protection, thou hast nothing to fear; if she walks before thee, thou shalt not grow weary; if she shows thee favor, thou shalt reach the goal."  
The Blessed Virgin Mary, under her titles of Our Lady of the Assumption and Star of the Sea, is the special patroness and intercessor of us here in City Island, Country Club, and Pelham Bay. 

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