Now that I've had this site for nearly a year, I figure I should probably fill it out a bit more <.<

Okulang is my repository for the languages that I have constructed, and as my own skills mature, it will eventually become a resource for linguistics training and the advancement of the art of conlanging. For now though, it hosts only a couple of projects.

It's a sad fact that many of my projects are simple sketches of how I might accomplish what I want to do with the language. At least I have goals, but the problem is that I'm really only getting started, and there are just too many things to experiment with, and I conlang deep.

By "deep" I mean that I'm tired of reading grammars that ignore discourse and register, and don't show me another grammar that only gets through some morphology before it calls it a day! I take my art more seriously. Not that there must be some grand social or human commentary, or that my language must fool a linguist into thinking of it as a natlang, rather, my conlangs should have that willful, tangible form of the Romanticist painters, or the moist, living feel of an old Japanese garden, or the sense of unreal confidence a mystic philosopher might exude. My first loyalty in any conlang is to aesthetics, and everything else is a distant second.

The thing about beauty is that it is always subtle. I could paint the Mona Lisa over again, copying all the salient features of her face and the background, but simultaneously underneath and over top of that, Leonardo managed to do something special. It only takes a few days to build the gross structure of a language, but it's in the details where I have any hope of building something interesting: not the phonology, but the phonetics and allophony; not the word order, but how word order is broken; not the extent of noun and verb markings, but how those markings overlap and shove each other out of the way.

That, and I'm also working on a programming language called Lotus that should be properly revolutionary for language-oriented development, but that's  a whole other topic.

Here's the conlangs I've posted:
- Beta version; active development

Here's my unposted conlang projects:

Lotus (programming language) - tokenizer finished; computational model sketching
Likăku’a - alpha in development
Mígǎciw - sketchy
Fäersek - alpha in development
Yet-Unnamed - sketching
NEWS 2012
  Jul 22 - Tayéin beta v0.2 posted 
  Dec 31 - Tayéin beta posted 
  Oct 29 - Ideophone Project launched
   Oct 24 - Tayéin sound sample uploaded
   Oct 16 - New site Look
   Sep 6 - Tayéin Lexicon Expanded
   Aug 28 - Tayéin Alpha Posted
   Aug 28 - Site Launch

  Too many languages! I've got a bunch done on Tayéin, but I need a creativity break. I'll probably be working on a new conlangery-inspired language and getting another good start in on Lotus.
  With development on Lotus transitioning from tokenizing to architecture, conlanging is back in the game, with two new languages and getting ready for Tayéin's anniversary. 
   Tayéin is now back in the ring! Progress is coming along nicely approaching the first of the year. I won't have as much as I'd like done, but then again, I have been the victim of feature creep, after all.
   Ahh... school projects complete! And now I'm very close to the Tayéin deadline and fairly far from beta version. Well, I'll do what I can, and set another deadline to do another release before school starts back up (mid-January, I think).
   Oh, the joy of schoolwork! We'll get back on the effective grammar after my database project comes along and my simulated CPU runs the assembly it gets fed.