Chapter information

The Oklahoma Neuroscience Chapter is a local affiliate of the National Chapter for Society for Neuroscience.  The Oklahoma Neuroscience Chapter is composed of academic faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, undergraduate and high school students who are involved in neuroscience research. The chapter operates under the umbrella of the Oklahoma Center for Neuroscience (OCNS)

  • Advance the understanding of the nervous system, including the part the nervous system plays in determining behavior, by bringing together scientists of various backgrounds and by facilitating the integration of research directed at all levels of biological organization

  • Promote education and research in the neurosciences

  • Inform the general public of the results and implications of current research in neuroscience

  • Recognize achievements and excellence by local neuroscientists

  • Advocate the policies related to the neuroscience research group

  • President: Dr. Dimitrios Karamichos
  • Vice President & Policy advocate: Dr. Lauren Ethridge
  • Secretary: Dr. Eva Troyano-Rodriguez 
  • Treasurer: Dr. Sreemathi Logan
  • Brain Awareness & OU Norman Rep: Dr. Ari Berkowitz
  • Postdoc Rep
  • Graduate Student Rep: Alexander Yeganeh
  • Historian: Dr.  Celeste Wirsig-Wiechman

  • Dr. Hibah Awwad