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Movie Title :The Stranger

His family killed and his memory erased, a former member of an elite FBI task force wages a oneman war to reclaim his past in this explosive action thriller starring Steve Austin. With the Russian mob and the FBI closing in on both sides, The Stranger realizes that in order to rediscover his true identity, he'll have to fight for his life while gathering the pieces of an elaborate, and deadly, puzzle. He can't be caught, and he won't be broken. Now with each life he takes, The Stranger comes one step closer to finding out where he came from, and why so many people want him dead.

Year : 2010

Genres : Action Thriller

Rating [imdb] : 4.60

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Actors : Steve Austin=The Stranger Erica Cerra=Grace Bishop Adam Beach=Mason Reese Ron Lea=Chief Picker Viv Leacock=Agent Fleming Jason Schombing=Agent Daniels Stephen Dimopoulos=Mikhail Dalila Bela=Granddaughter Anthony Harrison=Max Andrew Wheeler=Smoker Samantha Page=Little Girl G. Michael Gray=Driver Timothy Paul Perez=Police Chief Adrien Dorval=Gas Attendant Geoff Gustafson=Harris Green John Tench=Bartender Alex Vishniakoff=Boris (as Alexander Vishniakoff) Andrew Kavadas=Russian Thug #1 Karly Warkentin=Stranger's Wife Calista Bashuk=Stranger's Daughter

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Directors : Robert Lieberman

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