Please welcome our confirmed vendors and visit their websites to prepare your shopping list!

Sinsual Steel - Handmade floggers, canes, paddles and many unique items

The Kink Shop - We want to put our years of expertise to work to make your journey as pleasurable as possible, so whether you are looking for floggers, canes, whips or just information, welcome home!

Pans Haven - specializes in body safe wax play candles in two temperature lines and in a variety of colors. Choose from primary colors, UV reactive, and the brand new Liquid Metals. They also provide wood knives, fire cupping sets and blaze rods.

Steel Bones - Steel Bones is a sophisticated corsetiere bringing original designs to dynamic women.

EmCity - Manufacturer for Leather Masters - We manufacture high quality leather goods.

WonderTwit Productions - waterproof, body safe, and 3D printed bdsm implements, sex toys, and CAD modeling skills for anyone interested or needing.

The Beatery - is a creative company that provides all things BDSM from its own imagination. Handmade things that are dependable but always unique. You never know what may come, but it will always be exciting!