Master Tallen and KLAMP

Master Tallen came into the Master/slave lifestyle in 1997 as a slave. He began his evolution into Mastery in early 2002 and is proud of where his journey has taken him. He has experienced a lot on both sides, and with the help of many, has been exposed to numerous perspectives. He enjoys sharing his experiences with others and trying to help them find their own paths. He has presented classes and judged Leather Contests all over the U.S. and beyond.

Master Tallen established Kinky Lights and Magic Productions in 2004 to provide A/V, staging, and lighting for Leather and Kink events all over the country. 

In 2005, he created the Master/slave Flag. In 2008 he won the Leather title of Northeast Master. In 2011 he became Mr. Great Plains Olympus Leather, and subsequently was honored to be selected as International Mr. Olympus Leather 2011.

He loves sharing what he has experienced as well hearing from others. He is also honored to have received many Pantheon of Leather nominations over the years. But the most rewarding thing of all has been the countless number of people he has helped along in their own journeys. Their successes, and words of thanks to him, mean more than anything.

Master Tallen and KLAMP will be presenting the following demo:

Electricity Play

Master Handfull

Missouri born Master Handfull has been active in both the local and regional community for over 30 years. Spending his earlier years traveling throughout the states to events and dungeons to both teach and learn.

Master Handfull is currently an active member of several groups, and regularly participates in events and enjoys doing demos. He specializes in a variety of play such as pony play, needles, whips, deprivation, encumbrance and impact play. Master Handfull is always looking to expand and hone his craft and also enjoys teaching others different types of play.

Master Handfull's first love is pony training and participating in Pony competitions. In the 2021 Ponies in the Delta Competition he and his accompanying pony won second place overall.

In his spare time Master Handfull designs and creates the leather harnesses used both in pony training and competition, along with other leather work such as collars, cuffs and other accessory pieces. As a polyamorous M/s Dominant Master Handfull derives pleasure in helping others learn the ways of M/s living and living poly. As a capped Master of the Bloodline Leather Family, Master Handfull along with other family members pride themselves for always trying to serve and help better the BDSM community.

Master Handfull will be presenting the following demo:

Let's Talk Pony Play

Are you a pony that wants to be led or ridden? Ever wanted to be in charge of a powerful majestic animal? Let's discuss what it is to be a Pony, how to reveal your inner pony, along with having it be part of your BDSM life. Learn about tack and how it can enhance your pony experience. We'll go through Leads and gaits to help explore your desire to express your pony. This discussion will include a Q&A portion.

Sweet Ben

SweetBen lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, with his partner Pickle and two dogs Lilly and Bambi. He has been in the kink lifestyle for more than a decade, and has been studying meditation for a little over four years. Although he loves whips, for his first formal presentation he would like to share what he knows about practicing Shamatha meditation with his fellow kinksters, and its impacts on being present for your life.

SweetBen will be presenting the following demo:

Shamatha:  Breath Based meditation

This class should last ~55 minutes. The word "Shamatha" in Sanskrit means 'calm abiding' and is used to describe a breath based meditation. The practice physically consists of finding and feeling your breath as it ebbs and flows to and from your body. As we feel our breath, our mind will generate thoughts. The deceptively simple practice is recognizing, gently releasing thoughts, and returning to the present moment - the breath being the anchor. This technique is described in detail in the book "How to Meditate" by Pema Chodron, and I will have a few physical copies with me. In this workshop we will talk about the form and function of this style of meditation, try it for a bit, and then have a decompress time

Lady A

Lady A has been in the lifestyle for over 20 years, actively exploring the nuances of kink from Southeast Asia to Latin America, and many locales in-between. Growing up overseas meant she started her journey in the lifestyle with an international bent that has led to a multicultural attitude towards BDSM, kink, and relational dynamics.

Affectionately dubbed “The Kinky Empress” by her Houston community, She identifies as a Sadistic Dominant, covered Leather Master, and Pansexual Polyamorous cis Female. Today, she is a member of the Houston Scene, involved in a diverse array of projects, groups, and community activities, including NLA, HPEP, LeatherSIG, Houston Pony Play, Houston Mentor’s Alliance, Houston GLBTQ Caucus and many others. She has served on a variety of Boards and in a variety of leadership positions for the past 10 years, often focusing on education and outreach. She is best known for her presentations, demonstrations, and discussions on various EdgePlay topics.

She believes in the power of education and growth, and becoming the best version of ourselves. To that end, she teaches Leadership and Communication classes, and is also working on completing her second Masters’ degree. She is an avid reader, gamer, cosplayer, published author, mother, political activist, and volunteer and foster for numerous animal rescues. She shares her life with a loving husband & family, assorted 2 and 4 legged children, and extended Leather Family. They currently call Houston, TX home.

Lady A will be presenting the following demos:

Artistic Cutting Workshop: No more scratching the surface

Cutting with a purpose; how to select designs that have meaning, where to place specific designs, how to know how/when/where skin will move and considering that on the impact of your design. What to have in your tool box when doing these types of scenes, and best practices/tips on shorts cuts for design imprinting and keeping a lasting mark. Also, this includes a discussion on how to incorporate this play into a scene, along with a practical demonstration.


PoisonIvey (Ivey, she/her) is a poly, pan, pagan, switchy weirdo with a taste for the bloodier things in life. She is an active member of the DFW kink scene, 1/3 Smoke and Mirrors Owner, and fantastically queer Leather Woman.Being drawn to a plethora of different kinks, she constantly works to see how she can combine all of her loves and interests together to create a wonderfully, sadistic mess. Having disposed of way too many bloody, sticky, piss filled, cum dripping plastic tarps; she’s been able to create many unforgettable experiences for her bottoms, tops, and memory foam mattress topper.

As her kink journey has twisted and turned, she’s always been an advocate for individuals speaking up and out about mental health to bring awareness to and work to end the stigma that comes with mental health disorders.

PoisonIvey will be presenting the following demo:

Needle Play Demo

Diving into the sharper things in life can be an exciting step in your kink journey. With an extensive amount of diversity and versatility, needle play can range from sexual to sadistic to artistic within a single scene. We will be walking through tools, safety procedures, and delving into the “why we do this” of sharps play. I will walk everyone through cleaning, preparing, placing, extraction, and clean up of needles so bring yourself to poke or bring a friend to poke and let’s have some fun!!!!


TheGriffin_Black has been active in his local DFW community for several years and among many other things developed an ever growing love for single tails and fire as his choice of mediums. He has held a number of leadership positions in the DFW and currently hosts a monthly whip meet in the Dallas area.

The Griffin_Black will be presenting the following demo:

Single Tail Tips and Tricks, Beyond the Crack

TheGriffin_Black will be offering a hands on demo featuring one of the most iconic tools in the scene. The single tail offers a wide range of sensations that can mystify and tantalize the brain, body, and soul and learning to harness the tools power can be a daunting task at first. Bring your single tails, imagination, and come ready learn to use your single tail whips regardless of experience level.

Mz Texas
Ms. Texas identifies first and foremost as a Leather Woman. Leather to her is what is in your heart and how you treat people from all walks of life! Her personal set of important values primary goal is how can she be of service. Her top three values are Honesty, Loyalty, and Communication.

She is a full patch member of the Leather Heart Clan in Dallas. She adores her family. Her memberships include: NLA-I, NLA-D, LA&M, and NCSF, and she has founded and is involved in several local groups. Her passions include preserving, gathering and teaching Leather women’s history including audio, video, and written. She also is passionate about the continuation of Leather traditions, education, and the practice of principled, ethical mastery. Her belief is that to Master someone else, you must first Master yourself.

Mz Texas will be presenting the following demo:

Pegging and Strap-On Play: You Can Fit A Square Peg Into A Round Hole

A beginner class covering safety, different types of toys, history. We will feature a live demonstration as well. Come join in the debauchery and pound your own bottom. Class time 60-90 minutes. Powerpoint presentation and handouts for this class are available.

Sir PhoenixRed has been in the kink community since 2005. For the last 7 years She has been in a Master/slave dynamic with Her beloved boy damndude. Phoenix has been a presenter and educator in the kink community for over a decade. In addition to presenting for AHS and other local groups, She has also presented for MidWestAlternatives (Nebraska), Pain on the Plains (Nebraska), the WOoLF Pack (Wichita), and Xpressions (Tulsa, OK). She has been active in the leadership of AHS since 2013 and currently serves as its president. In 2004 She founded the Purple Nation group to help bisexual men safely explore their sexuality. She has been active in the poly and pagan communities since 2001 and was in the swinger’s community from 2004-2008. One of Her joys is working as a sex-positive Life Coach, mainly doing relationship and dynamic advising in the alternative lifestyle communities (i.e. polyamorous, pagan, BDSM, swingers). Phoenix loves to get out and about and has equal passion for teaching what she knows and learning from others. Two of Her favorite activities are urethral sounding and showing folks how to pervert therapy balls to use during sex. A self-proclaimed “squirm sadist”, She also has a particular fondness for tickling Her dude!

PhoenixRed will be presenting the following class:

Going In Through the Out Door: Urethral Sounding

Urethral sounding falls under the category of “medical play”. It involves inserting a metal rod (or other implement) into the urethra of either a male or a female. For most men, especially, the thought of sounding is a scary one because their only experience with something being inserted into the urethra was during an STD test when a Q-tip was inserted. For either sex, they may think back to an illness when they had to be catheterized. This activity is neither of those. For most people, sounding is a very enjoyable and even pleasurable experience. In this workshop, we will provide hands on instruction so participants can learn sounding on either a male or a female. Safety issues will be discussed and we will have an interactive question and answer session. If you have a sounding set, please do bring it.

Master Dennis

Master Dennis met his slave bonnie via the internet over 22 years ago. He is AZ Master 2016 and Southwest Master 2017.

Since that time, he has been active in the local community, APEX, Butchmanns Experience, Edgewalkers and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence - to name a few. He has presented educational classes on M/s and other subjects both nationally and internationally and is the leader of his loving family - the Dragon Clan.

He believes strongly in sharing the truth of his struggles and faults. His philosophy is that everyone is unique, as you can see by the diversity within our community. He is looking forward to learning more and sharing with others as he progresses on his journey. 

Master Dennis will be presenting the following demo:

The Gentle Art of Zippers

The soft sigh or jump of slight shock as the clip is carefully and gently attached to soft compressed skin. The anticipation as clip by clip is lined up with care. The subtle increase of endorphins and other brain chemicals find more and more receptors. The glassy look in the eyes tells you that the desired point is near… six…five… silly smile or moments of a distant stare, four… three… an oooh or aah as the pattern you are clipping to their skin becomes evident to the wearer of the clips. Two… One… the music hits a crescendo, and you give them a wink… pause… then someone restrains the person tightly… then you run with the end of the zipper across the room...

The sound the person makes as tiny capillaries refill with blood and awaken the sleeping nerve endings in a fiery line of electrical feeling, the restraints or restrainer struggle to keep a hold of the person as they vibrate to the gentile art of the Zipper...


Painboy, who some consider an unrepentant pain slut, has been in the lifestyle since the tender age of 12. His first experience, a non-consensual one, put him on the path of seeking his personal limits. But now he has seen that there is a spirituality to be sought, a most beautiful although painful path he must follow. He has presented at many local, regional and national events but is always willing and ready to help those just starting their own quest. He normally can be found on the receiving end of a single tail or scourge.

Painboy will be presenting the following demo:


Crucifixion......the very name brings up thoughts of one of the most horrific means of torture ever devised. You are invited to witness the scourging, the actual nailing to the cross and the raising of the cross. Although a common form of execution among the Romans, this 2000 year old depiction is considered to be taboo and rarely seen in the United States. You will experience passion and compassion, brutality and sorrow. Please note this is well beyond edge play, and this will include blood shed.

Alice Miller (GrownA_ _Woman)

Alice is a poly, queer, sadistic Leatherwoman from Dallas, Texas. She has been active in the Dallas community since 2016. While she adores body bags, knives and canes, her view of play is do whatever the heck you want!
Currently Alice is co-owner of Smoke and Mirrors DFW, leader of Underground Cigar Social, Member-at Large for NLA Dallas, and serves on the council at DFW Dungeon.

Alice  will be presenting the following demo:

Bag it Up I'll Take it...

Curious about body bags, if you are into bondage, power exchange in a scene, fear play, breath play, temperature play. This class will be right up your ally. Learn the basics, get some new ideas in this hands on participation class. Come find out how fun body bags can be.