SecretVixon:  OKLF littles coordinator
I found my way to the community about 7 years ago. I've met some amazing people in my journey and gotten to participate in the most wonderful events. I have served as leader and owner of The WHIP Society in the DFW area for the last 5 years. When I'm not getting my freak on I enjoy sewing, quilting, stuffies and coloring.

Description of littles activities during OKLF:

We have some exciting activities planned for the weekend! We will have an Alphabet scavenger hunt to pick up from SecretVixon or at the Little's room. Find something starting with each letter! Yes there will be something starting with X available.

We also have Kinky Clue! Come help us solve who did what and where they did it.

We have Kinky Jeopardy. Come win prizes putting your kinky knowledge to fun use! We have 2 rounds of fun and educational categories!!

Do you like Disney songs? Do you enjoy sing-alongs/karaoke? Come get your singing on! We will have all our favorite Disney songs to sing-along or do karaoke with!

Pup Shadow
Hi I'm Shadow! I've been in the pup community for close to 6 years. I'm the current 2020 Rt 66 Pup. My breed is husky, as I tend to talk quite a lot! Rope toys are my favorite and I love to play tug of war. I have a loving and caring owner/handler, Miss Bre, she always has her hands full with me heh. I love to mosh and play, but I can still be gentle with the smaller pups. I'm super friendly, so if you see me out and about, come say hi!

Hosting the pet play mosh is where pups or other critters can play, romp, and wrestle around. It's a safe place to let the pets play with each other under the watchful eyes of their handlers.

MegX: OKLF Event Manager
MegX will be hosting several fun activities like;

Speed negotiations
Think speed dating but with a fun kinky twist.

Wheel of scene
A play on wheel of fortune but way more fun with names being drawn from a top/bottom collection and the fun scene wheel being spun. Let's see what kind of action can happen.

Blind raffle drawing
There is a Top/bottom collection containers and at midnight names are drawn and paired up. Last year dreams came true from this!

A mini open discussion panel on Drop /aftercare, Kink as Therapy is it for me?

One Path, One Tribe!
by Master Archer
Leather, just the sound of the word gives a sense of the sensual power of treated skins. As a teen Archer started working with leather, the smell and feel of it had some primal effect on him. Even then the power images of leather had a part in his sexual fantasies. Leatherwork went by the wayside for awhile but returned in Dallas TX in 1996 when he started his leather business, Fantasies In Leather.

Archer’s relationship with his slave Elegant started in September of 1998 and prompted him to get more involved with the leather community. His immediate leather family now also includes Renee and Boi Lane. Archer received the 2009 Pantheon of Leather Southeast Regional award. He is an Environmental Health & Safety Professional and incorporates this technical knowledge in many of his presentations. He provides educational experiences to groups large and small on subjects ranging from S&M technique to Using Exemplars For Master/slave Development and classes on the spiritual application of BDSM activities. Archer is a shaman and has recently completed Fakir Musafar’s body piercing and branding intensive schools in order to offer these arts with a more spiritual, less clinical focus.

For those who are interested in participating in the Hook Pull, tickets are $25 each to cover the cost of supplies. You must also have an Event Ticket to Oklahoma LeatherFest. In order to purchase your ticket, please contact me at and I will send you the ticket info and promo code to access the ticket.
Be aware tickets are limited to the first 25 folks who purchase their ticket