O K L A H O M A   A T H E I S T S

A state of unbelief in a State of Belief

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What we believe
Atheism is not a belief system, religion, creed, political outlook, lifestyle, or moral code; it is merely a lack of theistic belief. Atheists are people who, for whatever reason, do not adhere to any beliefs in any god(s). They may be agnostic towards the supernatural or downright naturalists. Politically, they may be leftist, rightist, libertarian, or authoritarian. Ethically, they could be realist or non-realist, consequentialist or deontologist, egoist or utilitarian, or nearly anything else, except divine command theorists. In all things they are free to believe as their reason leads them, without necessarily subscribing to any particular ideology or dogma. In short, atheists need not believe anything in particular, they are united only in their unbelief.

Who we are 
Oklahoma Atheists exist as an online community and as a real world organization.  It consists of those unbelievers in Oklahoma (and thereabouts) who endeavor to be united in more than merely nonbelief, those who seek to build a community of mutual support, shared values and common goals. We freely differ on our ethics and politics, but we agree that intolerance and prejudice towards any ideology is undesirable. Accordingly, we endeavor to create an atmosphere of tolerance towards atheism and to promote public discourse about the question of god.


AOK through the years